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Atwood Padlocks - Universal Application Padlock - AT89020 Review

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Review of Atwood Locks AT89020

Today we are going to be taking a look at part number AT89020. These are the Atwood AMPlock padlocks. Now you can see here with this part number you're going to get three padlocks as well as six keys. The padlocks are keyed alike and they can be used for multiple applications. They can be used to secure your doors on your trailer, your toolbox, your shed. They can be used for latch style trailer couplers to make sure it stays connected to the hitch ball, and that nobody else can come up and hook up to your trailer.

So, they have a lot of different uses, it's always good to have some padlocks close by that way you can use them when you need them. But these padlocks are going to offer safety and security. Internally, they are going to feature rotating disk tumbler locks. These are going to provide maximum security. So each cylinder is going to have a series of rotating disks that can be correctly lined up only when you turn the corresponding key. Now because these keys are a unique style, they feature one of nearly a million possible key codes.

So it's extremely unlikely that another individual will have a key that can open these locks. They are going to be bump proof and resistant to picking. One of the neat things I really like about these, is down here at the base, we are going to find hardened washers around the internal tumblers. That's going to prevent anybody from being able to drill into the lock core. Show you how these operate real quick. Simply place a key inside the key slot.

We are going to get a half turn and it's going to open up the shackle. Now one of the other features I like about these locks, is that you cannot remove the key with the padlock in the unlock position. That is going to prevent accidental locking inside the trailer, misplacing the keys. But ultimately, it's going to keep your keys from getting lost. You don't have to worry about having them get locked inside your shed or locker.

The other thing I like about this is that it always reminds you to make sure that you have it locked. That way you can remove the key. So the key will only be removed from the lock body when the lock is in the locked position. When it comes to the lock bodies, these are going to be made from a case hardened stainless steel. They are going to be shatter proof, very strong and durable, as well as resistant towards corrosion and rust. The shackles are made from a heavy duty steel construction with a chrome plating. So, they are going to resist corrosion and rust as well. They are going to be very difficult to cut, and the lock bodies and the shackles are going to perform well and stand up to extreme temperatures, so you can use these in any elements. Again, you are going to get three padlocks, six notched keys, they are all going to be keyed alike. So any key will work on any padlock. We are going to take a look at the overall dimensions real quick, of one of the locks. They're all going to be identical. Overall length measuring from edge to edge is going to be three and three quarters of an inch. Going this direction, we're looking at about one and five eights of an inch. And then, just the lock body right here, we're looking at about an inch and a half. And the thickness of the lock body is going to be about seven eights of an inch. When it comes to the shackle, this is going to give us a quarter inch diameter. The opening, measuring from the top of the lock body, to the bottom of the peak here, that shackle, it's going to be two inches. The width of the opening is going to be about three quarters of an inch. That's going to do it for today's review of part number AT89020. These are the Atwood AMPlock padlocks.