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Review of Atwood RV Air Conditioner Parts - Replacement Shroud - AT3308046006

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Atwood RV Air Conditioner Parts - Replacement Shroud - AT3308046006 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone, I'm Ellen here at, and we're going to be taking a look at the replacement shroud for your AC unit on your RV. Now this is a fit for some of the Atwood and Dometic air conditioners, including the Penguin and other Dometic air conditioning units. So a lot of times after a while that shroud can start to get cracked, it starts to get kind of brittle and it can shatter, cause a lot of issues. That shroud helps to protect our AC unit from the elements, helps it to stay safe from any kinds of branches, or anything else that might fall on it or scrape against it, and also keeps it protected from the wind and rain. But after a while being in those elements, it does tend to take a toll, so need to replace it out every so often, so this should be that replacement part for you.We'll turn this around so you can get a better idea of the shape. But again, this will work for your Atwood and Dometic air conditioning units.

The actual part number is listed on the product page here at As you can see, it does come with some foam tape. So depending on which style you have, whether that's the older or newer version, you might need to put this in place. Typically if you're going to be replacing out the shroud, there's a good chance that the foam has also deteriorated, so they give you that replacement to snake around the compressor and the boiler unit as necessary.So this piece is going to be 63 inches long, just that kind of, I think this is one inch square foam, one and a quarter, one and a half inch square. So you can place it on there, helps to take up the gaps between everything, make sure that the air is going, where it needs to.

There's some already attached on the inside, we do also have this shorter piece, this is about 17 and a half inches long. I'm going to flip this upside down so you can see we've got a piece already put in place. And this, you can again fold it around as you need to. That piece, I'm going to measure that guy. I'm actually going to use my flexible tape to do that since it's curving around here.But this should make sure that everything is safe and secure again.

Of course you don't want to leave your air conditioner to the elements, but it's important to make sure that it matches up with what you've already got. So it looks like this guy, roughly, is about 35 inches long, 35 and a half. So it should be enough foam tape for you to get that replaced out, especially if it has gotten deteriorated or it's just falling apart and crumbling. Foam only lasts so long, so there's a good chance you do need to replace it out.As far as the measurements for the actual unit itself, I'll give you the widest points, roughly, again. It's kind of hard to find a good spot to measure these guys, so I'm actually going to go from this attachment point where a hardware would go.

It's about 28 and a quarter. I think at the widest point, though, it's about 29 inches. It does not come with any reattachment hardware so you'll either need to pick some up on your own or reuse what you already had. Lengthwise it's about 40, 40 and a half inches, maybe about 40 and three eights, and then depth or height-wise it looks like it's pretty much right on at seven inches.So I hope that's helpful in determining if this is going to be the right part for you. We do have a lot of other options available here at, including complete new air AC units. So if you do end up needing to go that route, we should have you covered there. But that's it for me, thanks for watching, and we'll see you out there on the road.

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