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Review of Atwood - RV Wall Mounted Thermostat - AT15029

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Atwood - RV Wall Mounted Thermostat - AT15029 Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the replacement digital wall mounted thermostat for the air command rooftop ducted RV air conditioners. Now this is a replacement wall mounted white single stage thermostat for your Atwood air command rooftop air conditioners. This is compatible with models AT15027-22, AT-15028-22 AT-15032-22, or the AT-15033-22 works with all those models. Now this thermostat has a temperature set setting right up here. It'll give you an led display that'll go from 60 degrees Fahrenheit up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The control settings which are down here, we're going to zoom in just so we can see 'em a little bit better and I'll go through 'em all here.

Now also, but the top here by the led display, you'll see a sensor. And what that sensor as for is if it's when you use with a remote control.Now a remote control does not come with this. It is sold separately, but if you have a remote control, that's the sensor that would work for with that. Now if we go down here, here's your on and off button, just push it on or off. Right over here you'll have the temperatures, the up and down arrows that'll let you adjust the set temperature that you want.

Next to that, is the fan button. This fan button'll allow you to switch between low, medium, high and automatic settings. The mode button right over here, this'll you switch between cool, heat pump, dry and fan. Right under that is a sleep button. This'll help to save energy overnight.

Right over here is a timer button. This can be set to turn the unit on or off up to 24 hours in advance, and then in the middle you notice there's a furnace button.Now the furnace button can be used only if you have a heat pump furnace model. That'll allow you to press once to select the furnace as your primary heating. Press it again to go back to the heat pump. And then right down here you'll see a key a picture here.

That'll have a lock function, that'll keep the thermostat from automatically cycling to the fan.Now this part is made in the USA. I wanna give you a few dimensions on this, let me just back off a little bit. There we go. Overall width, it's going to be right at four and three quarter inches. Overall height, also four and three quarter inches. Total depth of it is only right at about a half an inch, and then here's your wire with your plugin to connect it, but that should do it for the review on the replacement digital wall mounted thermostat for the air command rooftop, ducted RV air conditioners.

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