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B and W Ball Mounts - GM MultiPro Tailgate Adjustable Ball Mount - BWTS20066BMP Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at And today we're going to be taking a look at the B&W tow and stow three ball mount and the two ball mount. Now, these are both going to be a little bit unique from the other B&W tow and stow ball mounts, since they are designed specifically for the GM MultiPro Tailgate. That's the new tailgate for the 2020 GMC Sierra that folds down in several different configurations. So to accommodate that, these have a angled platform to allow for that to drop down and not cause any issues with that tailgate.

Now keep in mind, whenever you're using that tailgate drop-down feature, you will need to have the hitch balls stowed. So they're going to flip around to the other side of the shank. If you have these out here, there's a good chance that you're still going to make contact with that tailgate, but it's not really that hard to flip those over into the stowed position.I'll show you guys how to do that in just a second. But with that angled portion, you should be able to clear it without any real issues. And I'll give you a bunch of measurements towards the end of the video.

So we'll have the two different configurations. Everything about these two ball mounts is going to be the same, it's just one has the two ball configuration and the other has the three ball configuration. So with our two, we'll have our 2-5/16th inch ball. And our two inch ball with the three or the tri-ball configuration, we'll have those same two sizes as well as the 1-7/8th inch ball. So everything else is going to be the same.

Measurements are all the same and all that fun stuff, and how they work is going to be all the same. So that's why I have them on the table together.Just so you can get an idea of how they're going to operate. So to adjust the height for these, you'll have your two pins and clips to remove, and then you can just adjust that platform wherever you need it, in the drop or the rise. Right now with our shank and our adjustment platform going down, this is going to be the drop position. If we we're to flip it over, it'd be in the rise position.

And so if we want to put it in the stowed position, that's going to cap our platform, fall all the way down and then flip around to the back and then we'd stow it there. If you want to make this really compact, you would turn the balls to the side so that they're sitting flat and then reattach your pins in the appropriate holes. So I'm going to just kind of leave it as it is.It's a little bit awkward just here on the table, so bear with me while I get everything put back in place. But these are really nice set up. They give you a lot of options, so you can have multiple trailers at multiple heights. Whenever you unload your stuff, you might need a little bit different height than you did before. Or if you want to use these with a fleet of trailers, you'll be able to swap out the different ball sizes to match up with your trailer without having to actually swap out the ball mount every time. And they're really easy to use. B&W stuff, I really like because it's all just machined well. It's made well, it's also made in the USA. So always nice to support American made products. But that's basically what it's going to look like in the stowed position. And now, as you can see, this is going to be a nice flat platform.So we shouldn't have to worry about our tailgate making any contact with that, especially using it with that GMC MultiPro Tailgate. Now, for the measurements, whenever it comes to the adjustment for our height, we have an inch and three eighth of adjustment in between each of those adjustment holes. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the center of the ball platform, it's going to be nine inches. And this is true for both of these ball mounts. From the hitch pin hole to the platform face, right here to the flat side, it's going to be four and a quarter inch. To the very top here, it's about four and three, or excuse me, about three and a quarter inch. So there's a little bit of a slope to that. The distance from the top of that angle to the bottom is about two and three quarter inches. From the hitch pin hole to our adjustment holes, the center of those, is going to be three and a half inches.And then from our hitch pin hole to the very end of the shank, that's going to be three and three quarter. So actually put a ruler to all those, you can actually see that. Our platform face, again, about four and a quarter inch from there to that hitch pin hole. To the top, it's about an inch back there. And then from our hitch pin hole to the end of the shank, it's about that three and a half inch mark. Or three and three quarter inch. So the total length for both of these going from the very end of the shank to the very end of the ball, it's going to be about 10 inches. And the total height, going from the top of the shank to the bottom of your hitch ball, it's going to be roughly 11 and a half inches.It might vary a little bit depending on which ball is on the bottom, but more or less, it should be about that same height. As far as the weight ratings for both of these, it's going to be the same for each of the size balls. That's really what's going to determine the weight rating for them. For the 2-5/16th inch ball, our gross towing weight is going to be 14,500 pounds. The tongue weight for each of those is going to be 1,450 pounds, so 1,450 pounds. For the two inch ball, it's going to be 7,500 pounds. For the tongue weight it's going to be 750. And then for the 1-7/8th inch ball, it'll be 3,500 pounds for the gross towing weight and then 350 pounds for the tongue weight or the vertical load limit.The maximum drop that we can get what this is going to be seven inches. If you flip it over into the rise, it's going to be seven and a half inches. And again, those numbers are all the same for both of these. They both have a limited lifetime warranty. And all in all, I think these are both going to be a great addition to any towing setup. The pins that come with it are going to be of stainless steel. They also have the clips there to keep those in place. It has a nice black powder coat. So it's going to be corrosion resistant. It's kind of got a nice matte texturized finish. So it should match with just about any trim design or anything like that. The place where our ball platform is able to actually come off, this little cutout here in the back of the shank, and that is designed to sit up nice and high.So it's right up against the collar around your hitch. That way, whenever you have the ball in the stored position, no one can take that off without taking the whole thing out. So as long as you have a hitch pin lock in the ball mount no one should be able to take the platform and your hitch balls. That being said, it does not come with a hitch pin or hitch pin and clip or a lock. So you will have to purchase that separately. You just want to make sure that you get one that's up to the same weight rating as whatever you're going to be towing, because you are limited by the weakest link in your system for any kind of tow rating. So always go off the lowest number of any of your components that includes your vehicle, your pin, and the ball mount, et cetera.The diameter for our hitch pin hole is going to be five eighth of an inch, pretty standard for the, or excuse me, it's actually going to be yeah, five eighth of an inch. These do fit in a two and a half inch by two and a half inch trailer hitch receiver. And again, that's going to be a pretty standard hitch pin size for a lot of your accessories. We do have a lot of options as far as those hitch pin and clips and locks, which I would definitely suggest getting a lock right here at Well, I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if the B&W tow and stow ball mounts are going to be right for you. Thanks for watching. And we'll see you next time.

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