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B and W Fifth Wheel - Fixed Fifth Wheel - BWRVK3700 Review

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Review of B and W Fifth Wheel BWRVK3700

Today we're going to take a look at the BMW Companion Dual Jaw OEM Fifth Wheel Hitch for the Chevy and GMC towing prep packages. This has a 20,000 pound weight capacity. Now this is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the 2015 and newer Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 trucks with the factory towing prep package. Now on any custom fit part I always like to recommend to go to our website, use our fit guide. Put in your year and model vehicle and it'll show you if this will work for your application.

Now this fifth wheel hitch will mount in your truck bed so that you can tow your fifth wheel trailer. It's a very quick, simple installation. Basically you just drop this base into the 4 receiver pucks that are built in to your factory under-bed rails. It uses a quad return quick-lock puck system that allows easy mounting and removal of the hitch. Basically, just to show you how that works, you'll notice the 4 handles on each corner. What you'll do is you're going to go to drop this into the truck bed, is just pull the pin and clip out a 1/4 of a turn.

You just rotate that handle it moves the tab a 1/4 of a turn. You do that on each corner and then it'll line up and drop right into the puck system that's in your factory towing prep package. Once it's dropped in all you do is rotate that a 1/4 of a turn back on each corner, put your pin through the base and then through the handle, clip it into place and you're all locked in ready to go. If you notice on each one there's a adjustment nut right here so you can actually tighten it or loosen it to take up any slack if there's any slack there. Now because it uses the puck system that's all under the bed it's a rail free design. That'll allow for full access bed when you remove the hitch from your truck bed.

The jaws on this are a 1 inch thick dual jaw, which provide a 360 degree jaw to kingpin contact, and because of that it'll give you less rattle, more security than the slide bar jaws. The handle to open the jaws is a cam action latching handle, helps prevent binding. Basically, to open it all you do is remove the pin and clip right here, and you'll see it's a cam action so as you rotate it back you'll notice the dual jaws will open up wide to accept the kingpin. When the kingpin slides in it'll push up against the back of these dual jaws, force the handle into position. It'll pull the line up and then all you have to do is drop your pin and clip back in and it's locked in ready to go and the dual jaws are securely around the kingpin. The head on this is a fully articulating head, it eases hook up, helps eliminate any chucking.

You can see it's front to back. Side to side is hard to see because there does have to be weight on it, but it does have side to side movement also. Another nice thing about this is the head rests on these polyurethane bushings here on the pivot arms, so it'll give you a nice quiet rattle-free ride. On the pivot arms I mentioned, they're sort of triangular shaped and they mount to the base. That's what the head will sit on the pivot arms. Basically, those pivot arms will give you 2 different horizontal positions to put them in. Since they're triangular shaped you can put them this way or you can flip them the other way, and what that does is gives you the 2 different positions. Basically, the one position will align this kingpin over the axle of your tow vehicle. The other one, if you flip it around will move the kingpin 2 inches behind the axle and give you extra clearance for your cab. Also when you mount them onto the base there's 3 rows of holes, so it'll give you 3 vertical height settings to fit your application also, because you want the hitch head . When you're towing you want your fifth wheel and your tow vehicle to be as level as possible, so you want to make sure your hitch head adjustment is just correct for that purpose. You can bolt it into 3 different vertical height settings. Now, to remove them, the other nice feature about this, it does make it easy for one person to remove this from the truck bed. Basically all you have to do, is there's 2 pins right here. If you pull the clip you can pull these pins out, you can see they're tethered. You can do the same over here and then you just lift up on these handles right here. That'll allow you to lift this off the polyurethane bushings and you can set it aside. Once that's removed it makes the base lighter, and there's 2 handle openings right here. You can pick up the base and pull it out also. It makes it pretty easy for one person to remove this from the truck bed. You just go ahead and slide the pin back through and put the clip in; that's what holds the head to the pivot arms. Now, this is a grey powder coated steel which is very corrosion resistant. This part is made in the USA. A few specs on this, the application is for 2015 and newer Chevy, GMC trucks with the factory installed towing prep package. Gross towing weight capacity is 20,000 pounds. The tongue weight or pin weight capacity is 5,000 pounds. I mentioned the hitch height adjustment, and that's measured from your truck bed to the top of the hitch head. Depending on where you bolt that to it'll give you, I mentioned there's 3 different vertical hitch height adjustments, from 16 3/4 inches to 17 3/4 inches to 18 3/4 inches. What I'm going to do now is I just want to demonstrate how the kingpin would slide into the dual jaws. What we're going to do is take the pin and clip off, open the cam action handle. You can see the dual jaws open up. Here's an example of what a kingpin would be like on your fifth wheel. When you're hooking up that's going to be sliding into the dual jaws. As it slides in, again, it's going to push back on this handle and when you have weight on it of course it will push that handle right up into position like that. The dual jaws wrap around the kingpin, drop your pin and clip in, and you're locked into position. Keeps the dual jaws around the kingpin. Then when you're ready to unhook just remove the pin and clip, slide your cam action latching handle and it'll move right from the hitch head. Now, on this cam action handle here the hole is large enough, it comes with the pin and clip attachment. The hole is large enough you could put a padlock through there if you want extra security. We do sell padlocks separately that you could use also. That should do it for the review on the BMW Companion Dual Jaw OEM Fifth Wheel Hitch for the Chevy, GMC towing prep packages with a 20,000 pound weight capacity.

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