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B and W Fifth Wheel Installation Kit - Custom - BWGNRK1313-5W Review

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Review of B and W Fifth Wheel Installation Kit BWGNRK1313-5W

Today we're going to review part number BWGNRK1313-5W. This is the B&W Custom Underbed Installation Kit for the B&W Companion Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches. This is a custom fifth part number, this is designed to fit the 2003 to 2009 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks, the long and the short beds and the gas or the diesel. It will also fit the 2010 to 2012 Ram 2500 - 3500 trucks, the long and short bed diesel trucks and it will work on the 2013 Ram 2500 long and short bed diesel trucks. Now, not only does this installation kit provides you with a sturdy custom base for installing your B&W Companion Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch in the bed of your truck but also double as a turnover ball Gooseneck hitch. It includes the side mounting brackets, these rails, the Gooseneck hitch head, the spring loaded safety chain loops and this turnover hitch ball. Now, this kit will work with the B&W Companion Fixed Fifth Wheel Hitch which is part number BWRVK3500 and the B&W Companion Slider Fifth Wheel Hitch part number BWRVK3400.

Both of those hitches we do sell on our website. Now, this will install under your truck bed and will provide complete truck bed access when you're not towing. This kit is custom design for your vehicle, the truck bed does not have to be remove for installation. The mounting brackets here on the side will usually bolt to existing holes in your trucks frame. Now, while some modification is required, the main thing is you will need to cut a four inch diameter hole in your bed to have access to this hitch opening and you'll need to drill four nine sixteenths holes for this built in safety chain loops stick through but there's no need to weld or drill into the frame of your truck. Now, once you have these brackets and center section all installed, you want to install this operating handle.

Basically this handle will be accessible from your rear driver's side wheel well. This handle right underneath here will bolt on to a heavy duty five eights inch diameter steel pin that will slide through here and secure the mounting post of your B&W Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch or the base of this Gooseneck hitch ball. Basically I have it locked open right now, if you want to tow a Gooseneck trailer, if you drop the ball into the opening, twist the handle it would release that five eights inch pin, it would slide across and lock this ball into place. Now, when you go to remove it just pull out on the handle, twist it to where it lock open and then if you're not going to tow at all you can just flip this ball over and store it in place like that, twist it to lock it, it's locked into place under the bed of your truck so you have full truck bed access. Now, if you're going to use the B&W Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch on in installing this, twist it, open it up, pull your Gooseneck ball out and the B&W Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch basically the legs would slide into your truck bed. There's a center post on it which is a square post just like the bottom of this Gooseneck ball with the holes in it.

That post would slide into this opening and again once you slide it in, release that pin, it would lock that post into place and that would hold the fifth wheel in place in the bed of your truck and you'd be able to tow your fifth wheel trailer. A few specs on this, the gross towing weight capacity is 30,000 pounds, the vertical load limit or pin weight capacity is 7500 pounds and it does include this Gooseneck turnover ball has a two and five sixteenths diameter ball. That should do it for the review on part number BWGNRK1313-5W, the B&W Custom Underbed Installation Kit for the B&W Companion Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches. .

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