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Review of B and W Headache Rack - Louvered Headache Rack - BWPUCP7502BA

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B and W Headache Rack - Louvered Headache Rack - BWPUCP7502BA Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at, and today, we're gonna take a look at this B&W Custom Fit Steel Headache Rack, if you noticed, with the LED tail, turn, and brake lights on it. And this is a nice, heavy-duty headache rack, this will help protect the cab of your truck from any shifting cargo, 'cause it'll help prevent that cargo in your truck bed from crashing through the rear window of your truck cab. This one is a flat style design, these inserts create a nice barrier without obstructing your view. I do wanna zoom in just so you can see up close. They are a very thick steel construction, very well made. They help keep the load in your truck bed and not in the cab, and if you noticed, they are horizontal design with a slant to them to help shield you from the sun.

Also, on each end, if you look up at the top here, and on this end, right over here, they have these raised tabs at both ends with the holes in them that'll act as load stops and even tie-down points. Basically, you can lean your ladder, your lumber, your cargo against the rack, tie it down there, hook it up, so it doesn't slide around in your bed. They also offer these side mounted handles, you can see a nice one on this side and one on that side, and those handles are nice, 'cause it'll help you get in your truck bed, and they also act as tie-down points for your load also. Now, the lights, you can see there's two here and two over there, they are built-in LED lights, they will wire into your truck's lighting system, and I do wanna demonstrate the lights on this. Basically, when you turn it on, all four will light up as tail lights, and then when you turn on or hit your brakes, the two outer ones will get brighter for your brakes, the inner ones will stay as your tail lights, and then when you do your turn signals, the outer ones again will do the turn signals.

I do wanna demonstrate that. I hooked it up to some 12 volt power, so I'll go ahead and turn that on, you can see all the lights lit up, go ahead and turn off the overhead, and there you can see the lights on the headache rack. And again, if we go to hit the brakes, you'll see when I hit the brakes, there's the two outer ones get brighter for your brake lights. And then you'll notice, to do the turn signal, you can go ahead and hit that, and there's your right turn. And then when you turn on your left, there's your left turn.

So we'll go ahead and turn back on our overhead lights, turn off our power. Now, this headache rack is a nice, sturdy steel construction, you can see it has a nice high gloss black powder coat finish over it to resist corrosion. We do also sell this headache rack in a white color, that is listed on our website, and these are custom fit for your particular vehicle. Basically, the headache rack itself, which is this portion here, will basically be the same on all vehicles, it might change in length and width, but the mounting kit that's included, that is what'll mostly be different. They're pretty much the same basic design.

If I zoom in and show you, most of them, the mounting brackets, will have the same three studs on it that'll connect to your headache rack, but the difference would be the design of the mounting brackets. The brackets will be different to fit your specific application for your specific truck, and the way to find out which ones you need is you just go onto our website, use the fit guide, put in your year and model vehicle, and it'll bring up the one that'll work for your application. And again, it does come with the mounting hardware also. This part is made in the USA. But that should do it for the review on this B&W Custom Fit Steel Headache Rack with the LED tail, turn, and brake lights..

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