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Review of B and W Pintle Hitch - Pintle Hook - Ball Combo - BWTS20055

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B and W Pintle Hitch - Pintle Hook - Ball Combo - BWTS20055 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the B and W tow and stow pintle hook with two inch ball. This pintle hook and hitch ball combo lets you hook your trailer up to your tow vehicle for a nice secure towing experience, and then when you're done towing you can simply flip it and stow it beneath your hitch for a nice sleek look on the back of your vehicle.Our shank here is going to slide into a two and a half by two and a half inch hitch receiver tube, so that's pretty standard on most of your big trucks, things like that. Should work well for you. Our two inch ball can be used on its own.

If we're wanting to haul a trailer that has a standard ball coupler, we can simply remove this pin from the side here, lift up our pintle portion and slide that pin back in. Of course, you'd normally want to reinstall the clip, but then with just the ball, our towing capacity is going to be about 10,000 pounds. If we want to use the pintle hook to connect it to a lunette ring coupler, it's going to bump our towing capacity up to 16,000 pounds.Now of course, this is as always subject to the towing capacity of your vehicle. It's not going to increase the towing capacity of your truck, so you do want to make sure that you're using the lowest number between the hitch in your truck. To store this when you're done towing, simply remove these pins.

Obviously you'll have the clips on there when you're towing. I'm not going to install those now just for the sake of time. Once you have those clips removed, you can simply rotate this back behind, reinstall your pins and your clips so that everything is nice and secure. Get these pins lined up here.It should be much easier for you if you're not having to hold onto the receiver tube. Once it's actually in your hitch should be much easier, but this is going to be the view that you get on the back of your vehicle.

It's going to be nice and sleek. It's not going to detract from the look of your truck. And then when you're ready to tow again, you can simply reverse that process, pull those pins out. It's going to flip around and be ready for use.You can see I'm adjusting this a little bit. This does give you height adjustment capabilities so that you can tell the different height trailers.

You're going to have a rise, maximum rise of four and a half inches, maximum drop of eight and a half inches as you can see there, and then those are going to be in increments of one inch. It does give you a lot of versatility. You can haul a lot of different trailers. Going to be very easy to use, very stylish and once we have it turned around so that you don't have a ball sitting out there. Another nice thing about that is, I don't know about you, but sometimes when I'm walking behind the truck, I hit my shin on the ball. So having it tucked up underneath there like that, that's going to save some of that issue as well.This does have a nice sturdy steel construction. The finish is a nice black powder coat so it's going to resist any rust and corrosion. Makes sure this is lasting a nice long time. Our ball does have a dual process chrome plating on it. That is also going to help resist any sort of rust. Our pins are a solid stainless steel so they're going to be very sturdy. They're going to be a rust-proof connection for all of our components.Once we have this installed, you are going to be able to use a stinger five eight hitch pin to get this held onto your truck. That is sold separately. We have lots of different options here at etrailer If you need one. Something you might want to consider. We do also have some locking pins to make sure that your coupler doesn't walk away when you're not around your truck, so just an extra piece of security to keep in mind. This does come with a limited lifetime warranty from B and W and it is a product that is made here in the USA. They're very proud of that and that might inspire some confidence in the quality for you.Just want to point out one more time that you will need to install the clips on your pins just to make sure that they don't wiggle out. I don't want to be a bad example for you because I haven't been using them just for the sake of demonstration to make it a little bit faster for you, and that's going to complete our look at the B and W tow and stow pintle hook with two inch ball.

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