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Bargman Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring - Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Wiring - 50-97-410 Review

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Review of Bargman Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring 50-97-410

Today, we're going to be taking a look at part #50-97-410. This is the Bargman 5th Wheel Gooseneck 90 degree Wiring Harness with a 7 pole plug. This unit's going to enable hassle free hookup of your 5th wheel and gooseneck trailers using the 7-way RV style connector. The harness is going to measure 9 feet long. The wires are insulated and this harness is going to easily reach from the rear bumper of your vehicle to inside your truck bed. The adapter head is designed with a 90 degree angle to fit into tight spaces in the truck bed side rails, and it's going to be constructed of flame resistant material.

It's got the nice spring loaded cap here on the plug, and then internally, right here, on the underside of the lid, we're going to have a nice gasket. It's going to create a nice tight seal to keep out dirt, moisture, and debris from affecting the connection points. Here at the back, you're going to have the molded on cable. This is going to protect the wiring from water and debris, and then you're going to have 9 feet of length. Here on the other end, we're going to have the connection points to plug between the OAM wiring harness and the factoring installed 7-way connector. Now this unit does require that your vehicle has a factory tow package with a 7-pole trailer connector.

With this installed, it still retains the use of your factory 7-pole connector at the rear of your vehicle, so it's not going to interfere in any way. This right here is going to be our mounting spacer, and it's going to come with self tapping screws. These are going to be stainless steel construction, and those are included for installation. Again your harness length is 9 feet long. Inside your harness, you're going to have 3 different wire gauges. You're black and white wire's going to be gauge 10, blue wire's going to be gauge 12, brown, red, green, and yellow's going to be gauge 14.

Now keep in mind, on some vehicles you may need to add a fuse or a relay to complete all the functions going to the 7-way. Those items are sold separately. Very simple installation though, all you have to do is T the harness into your vehicle's factory 7-way trailer connector. That's going to be mounted under the bumper of your vehicle. The 7-way connector on this harness then mounts in the truck bed side rail, close to your hitch for quick, easy hookup. Now the instructions are going to be included.

They're going to be very detailed. They're going to walk you through the installation process step-by-step. The instructions are going to recommend using a 2" hole saw to create the hole in the truck bed for your plug to sit in. Now you can easily just use the self tapping screws to mount this connector directly to the truck bed side rail or you can use the spacer in between the 7-way plug and the truck bed if the 90 degree bend, right here at the corner, is too close to the outside wall of the truck bed. Simply add in that spacer, and that's going to resolve that issue. Now if the vehicle has a bed liner, it may need to be notched or you could use some longer screws if these ones aren't long enough, and then you can mount directly into the bed liner and body panel. If you do need longer screws, those are going to be sold separately. Those are not included with this part number. That's going to do it for today's review of part #50-97-410. This is the Bargman 5th Wheel and Gooseneck 90 Degree Wiring Harness with a 7-pole plug. .

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