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Review of Bargman RV Lighting - Porch Light - 3478503

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Bargman RV Lighting - Porch Light - 3478503 Review

Today, we're going to take a quick look at the Bargman Porch/Utility Light with Switch. Now, this is going to be a nice compact light that you can use, of course, to light your porch, maybe to have in an RV as a just surface mount light. Has a switch there. It makes it easy on, easy off. There's just two wiring connections that we have to make. Black is going to be our power wire.

The white wire is going to be our ground. Turn this back on. See how bright that's going to be. Go ahead and turn the lights out in the studio so you can get a better idea. So, it's not going to be super, super bright, but bright enough that whenever it's dark, we'll have a easy way to see where we're going we we're coming in and out of our RV, or our porch, maybe camping site, anything like that.Throw the lights back on.

Again, we're just going to have those two wiring connections to make, so pretty easy install. This does use an incandescent bulb, and the lens pops off to allow you to change that out if you ever need to. I couldn't really get in here with just using my hands, so I found a screwdriver makes this a lot easier. There's going to be a tab at the front, and then two tabs at the top that are going to hold that lens in place. So, if you kind of pry down and out, it'll allow you to tip that lens up and out of the way, and it'll give you access to that bulb.There we go.

It opens up. See our bulb on the inside So, you can change that out whenever we need to. Just going to be a little twist connection there. Gonna also see our two connections to our switch and the light itself. Then, to replace our lens, just line up those two tabs, the back, and then can snap that down into place.

There you go. So, pretty easy maintenance as far as that goes.This can also work really well in enclosed trailers. Again, it does have that nice compact design, so it's not going to take up a lot of room. It's going to measure about six inches long from side to side. Going from the back of the housing to the widest point on the lens, it's about two and a quarter inches deep, and then about three and a half inches tall. So, pretty much wherever you'd want them this, it'll be pretty easy to get installed.Overall, it's just a nice, easy light, pretty inexpensive, makes a good replacement for any application you'd want to use it for. And that's going to do it for our look at the Bargman Porch/Utility Light with Switch.

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