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Bargman Trailer Lights - Tail Lights - 47-84-005 Review

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Review of Bargman Trailer Lights 47-84-005

Today were going to review part number 47-84-005. This is the Bargman triple taillight with the 84 and 85 series lights. This three-light fixture, right here, has one red LED tail and break light, and the middle has one amber LED turn signal light and right here it has one incandescent reverse light for your trailer or RV. Right here the red LED light functions as a combination break and taillight. Now your LEDs do last longer and burn brighter than your incandescent lights. The LEDs also have a lower power consumption, and they do activate a lot quicker so the response is faster than your incandescent bulbs.

Right here your incandescent reverse light is surrounded, if youll notice, by this Class A red reflex reflective lens. This taillight is designed to be mounted horizontally. When you mount this, you do want to make sure the reverse light is towards the middle of the trailer, and you want your taillight on the outside edge of the trailer. So just a note when this is mounted, it does need to be horizontally with the reverse light towards the middle of the trailer. It does have this stylish black face with the rounded corners, and if youll notice on the back of the light, it is a pre-wire design. It has all your wires you need to be connected. This light does meet the Department of Transportation requirements. Now the overall dimension on this light, the length is about fourteen and a sixteenths inch long, the width is about six and fifteen-sixteenths inch, and the thickness, the lights sit about one inch above the base and the base goes back about an inch and a quarter.

It is designed to fit in a cutout measurement of twelve and eleven-sixteenths long and five and a half inches wide. It is a recessed mount light. This does come with a limited lifetime warranty. So what I am going to do here, I do have a power source were going to connect to these wires. Just want to show you the wires real quick. Well go through them before I connect them and show you how bright the lights are.

Each light has a white wire for ground, and they are all attached together, so you just have one white wire to be connected to a nice, clean ground. The reverse light right here you can see has a black wire that would connect to your reverse light circuit. The middle again is your amber, thats your turn signal, so this one black wire from the middle would go to your turn signal, depending on which side you put it on. And the very end light is the tail and break, so youll have the green wire to connect to your tail, and the black would go to your brake light. Right now were going to turn off the overhead lights, and Im going to go ahead and attach these wires so we can get a good idea of how bright they are. First Im going to attach the white wire for the ground, and then Im going to take power, connect it to the taillight.

Now well go ahead and turn off the overhead lights. Now you can see theres your normal taillight, how bright it would be at night, and then what were going to do is were going to connect and show you how the brake light, when you apply your brakes, how they would light up. That would be your brake light. So thats your taillight, and when you hit your breaks, it would be a brighter light. Also what Im going to show you is the turn signal, so when you go to make a turn, it would be the amber light that would be your turn signal. And then if you put the vehicle in reverse and going to back up, just to show you what the reverse light now thats the incandescent bulb. So youve got your clear, white brake light and its surrounded by the red reflective lens. Now well go ahead and turn the lights back on. And again, this does come with a limited lifetime warranty. And that should do it for the review on part number 47-84-005. This is the Bargman triple taillight using the 84 and 85 series lights. .

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