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Bargman Trailer Lights - Tail Lights - 47-84-530 Review

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Review of Bargman Trailer Lights 47-84-530

Today were going to be taking a look at part number 47-84-530, this is the Bargman triple taillight, 84 and 85 series. This is a three light fixture, its going to feature two red LED taillights right here and right here, and then one incandescent reverse light for your trailer or RV. The red LED lights function as a combination of break, tail and turn signals. LEDs are a great system to have in place, theyre going to last longer and burn brighter than incandescent lights. Theyre much more efficient so they have a lower power consumption and they have a quicker activation. The LEDs are going to respond much faster than incandescent bulbs.

On this side youre going to have the incandescent reverse light, thats going to be surrounded by Class A red reflex reflective lens. The taillight is designed to be mounted horizontally or vertically, whatever works best for your application; and its going to have the nice stylish white base with the rounded corners, gives it a really nice finished clean, sleek look. It is pre-wired so you got all the wires here on the back of the housings of the LED lights, its going to tell you which wire goes to which function or which wire operates which function. It actually says that the black wire is your stop and turn light, green wire is for taillight and then white wire is your ground, so a pre-wired design, this is Department of Transportation compliant. If you take a look at the overall dimensions starting with the overall length, thats going to give us a measurement of about fourteen and one-sixteenth of an inch long. If we measure the width thats going to give us a measurement of about six and fifteenth-sixteenth of an inch.

Now this is designed to be a recess mount installation, your nine hardware is not included but you got nine holes going around the entire housing, so one on each side and then three on top, three on the bottom we're on the sides however you would situation this, but youre going to have eight mounting holes in total; three here, three here, and then one on each side there. Again your mounting hardware is not supplied so you will need to supply that separately. Recess mount installation means that we are going to have a cutout in order for this to fit, so the cutout dimensions measuring from this point here to this point here its going to measure about twelve and eleven-sixteenths of an inch. Then go in this direction its going to need to have a cutout of five and a half inches. Were going to go and hook it up to our external power source, that way you can see what it looks with power running to it. Well also be able to turn off our overhead lights that way you can see in a low light setting.

Im just going to go and make our connections here. Now the first ones that youre going to see are going to be the taillights and then well rewire it to do the reverse light. This is going to be the taillight or running light function or feature, you can see here that they send out a nice consistent signal. Each light is going to feature a multi-diode design so it has multiple diodes within the light itself, thats really going to help optimize our light output. When we apply our brakes you can see how that illuminates for a stronger signal output, and its going to do that same thing when we activate our turn signals. Then if I hook up the reverse light you can see there thats a bright signal as well, now this is an incandescent bulb but it has the clear lens right here in the center, allows a lot of light to come through, really bright light, and then again youre going to have the Class A red reflex material built into the lens that surrounds that reverse light.

Thats going to do it for todays look at part number 47-84-530.