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Review of Bargman Trailer Lights - Triple 5 Function LED Tail Light - 47-84-009

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Bargman Trailer Lights - Triple 5 Function LED Tail Light - 47-84-009 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at and we're going to be taking a quick look at the Bargman LED triple light. This replaces or upgrades your existing light on your trailer or your RV and gives you five functions in one light. We'll get our stop, turn, and taillight function. It also has a reverse light function, so that's going to be our fourth, and then the fifth is going to be the reverse reflector, which is also housed in this light, so all five functions in one unit. This can be a really nice addition to your RV or your trailer.

You can mount it horizontally or vertically, however it works best for you and whatever matches best with your vehicle.The thing that's nice about it is that the two units here or the two parts here are LED lights so they should be very long lasting, really nice, attractive looking light, and it also has a lower power draw than your typical incandescent bulb. It also doesn't really require any kind of maintenance, so no worries about those ever burning out. Now the reverse light, that is an incandescent bulb, and it does have little plate at the back so you might have to replace that, but it is going to be the reverse light, which of the unit is going to be the least likely that you're actually going to use so it shouldn't burn out anytime soon, but that is something to keep in mind that it will have to be replaced probably eventually, but hopefully it won't be for quite a while. So let's take a closer look and talk a little bit about how it's going to be wired up and I'll show you what the light looks like whenever it's illuminated.We'll have a bunch of wires here at the back to connect to. All the white wires go into this little connector so it makes it easy to make that ground connection off the white wire.

The other ones are going to be for the power function, so the black wires coming off of the two LED lights will be for our running light or our brake signal and turn signal, our stop and turn signal. So I'm going to hook those up there, and then the wire coming from our incandescent bulb or our reverse signal is going to be the same thing. It's also going to be that black wire for that signal, so I'm going to leave that separate for now. The other two wires to worry about are going to be our green wires and those are the running light signal.So fairly straightforward to connect, and I have my power source on so you should be able to see that. Now since I've just have this with my little alligator clamps, I just have to make sure that everything stays together so if it goes off, it's not the light.

It's my wiring. And those two together, and now you can see the two running light circuits there. Pretty cool pattern, even just with the running lights on those guys, and I'll connect the black wires again, and that will be brighter since again, it is going to be stop and turn function.The one bad thing, or the one thing that I'm not super thrilled about with this light is just this kind of mess of wires back here. It's a little clunky, but it doesn't really affect the overall functioning of the light. That's just something that I noticed, but then when we click on our turn signal or our brake signal, it does get brighter as you can see.

Turn off the lights in the studio again so you can get an idea for that. So nice and bright for that stop and turn signal, and then last but not least, got our signal for the reverse light. As you can see, that's a little slower to come on than our LED bulbs. When I turn that off, pretty much comes right on. The incandescent takes just a second to kind of warm up there. So I'll give you a preview of that with the lights out again, and then with everybody turned on, that's what it should look like fully illuminated.So I hope that gives you an idea of what it looks like whenever everybody's powered up. I'll disconnect these, and let's talk about measurements. The unit itself from side to side is about 14 1/16 inch long, and that's going to the outer edge of this lip here. Top to bottom or side to side depending on how you mount it, it's just shy of 7 inches so 5 and 15/16. The total depth is about 2 1/4 inch thick. As far as the cutout or the actual size of what the light needs to fit into, your cutout size, it's about 12 and 11/16, so just under 12 3/4 inches, and then going the other direction it's about 5 1/2.Now there are some holes here in that outer ring for you to attach to your trailer or to your RV. It does not come with that mounting hardware. That is something you have to pick up on your own. That bolt pattern looks like they're about 8 1/2 inches roughly apart center to center here, and that one in the middle is about 4 3/8 of an inch apart. Or excuse me, 4 1/4. Then front to back here, it's about 6 1/8, so just to give you a rough idea of those mounting positions.Now, one last thing that I want to mention before I let you go is that this light, since it is an LED light, whenever you're connecting it up to your RV, you might end up needing to have a resistor put in place. A lot of older RVs or RVs that had incandescent lights to begin with, they'll hyperflash whenever you try to put in the LEDs, so you can pick those up here. You can find those using the part number that you see there on the screen. That's going to be the aluminum version. There's also a ceramic version as well. That comes as a two pack for both of those. You can find both of those here at It's really just a difference between putting a C in that part number or an A, and it'll get you between the ceramic or the aluminum.You should just need one per turn signal. That's really the signal that it's going to need. Anything that's going to be flashing, so your hazard light or your turn signal light. So two should probably do it for each light, or one for each light, but I hope that helps in deciding if this is going to be the right light for you, and if you want to see all the other specs for this light including the power draw and all of that, you can find that here at our product page at Again, I'm Ellen with etrailer. Thanks for watching.

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