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Baron and Baron Novelty - Key Chains - HDKPF15 Review

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Review of Baron and Baron Novelty HDKPF15

Today we're going to take a look at the Baron Harley Davidson Multi-Ring Key Chain with Belt Loop Clasp, number HDKPF15. Whether you ride to live and live to ride or if you're just a fan of an American icon this officially licensed Harley Davidson key chain is for you. It'll hold your keys on your belt loop while you're riding down the highway on that pan head.It features a photo-etched enamel color filled bar and shield emblem. It has three key rings that will allow you to organize your keys very easily and pop that off you'll pull this head out right here and those will come right off. Put the keys on there that you want to use and then you can put them right back and same thing when you want to put this on your belt loop just pull that back, slip that through your belt loop and you're good to go.It also features a sturdy metal construction. That means you'll have this item for a very long time.

Taking a look at the dimensions-the overall length is two and a half inches and the width is five-sixteenth of an inch. That should just about do it for our Baron Harley Davidson Multi-Ring Key Ring Chain with Belt Loop Clasp, number HDKPF15.

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