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Review of Blaylock Industries Gooseneck Trailer Locks - Gooseneck Base Lock - BLTL-50

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Blaylock Industries Gooseneck Trailer Locks - Gooseneck Base Lock - BLTL-50 Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this, Blaylock EZ Lock Gooseneck Coupler Lock. Now, this Gooseneck Coupler Lock will help prevent theft of your Gooseneck Trailer that uses a Bulldog, a Stallion, a Superior, or a T.E.M. Coupler. Now, for this video, if you notice, I pulled a Bulldog Coupler just to demonstrate how this lock operates. You just zoom in on the lock.

That lock right down here, it's the aluminum portion right here. This is a heavy duty bracket that's designed to fit around the base of your trailer coupler. As you can see, this end here is the narrower end, has the hooks on it. It's designed to slide over the coupler bracket right near the handle here that operates the coupler. And on the other end, right here, you can see it uses this, three quarter inch diameter steel pin, that's designed to slide through the bracket to secure the lock to your coupler.

So, you slide this through there, that goes over the coupler to hold it into place. And then, on that steel pin that has a three eighths inch diameter hole in the pin that you can put a padlock through there. Now, the padlock is not included. You would have to supply your own, or we do sell a padlock, separately that'll work on this. As I mentioned, the hole one, this is three eights of an inch, a padlock we sell that'll work in there, that we recommend is the Master Lock, Part No.

ML-40 D, does have a three eights in shackle size. So, if you'll open that, it's designed to fit exactly into that opening. And then, all you have to do is turn your key to lock it, and the lock in there will hold that pin in place and nobody can remove the lock from your coupler. So, basically, after this has been secured, this EZ Lock will prevent the handle over here from operating your Trailers Gooseneck Coupler, ensuring peace of mind that nobody's gonna take your trailer. Now, if you want, we also sell on our website, this coupler lock and the padlock that we mentioned here, all put together as one part.

It's Part No. BLTL-50-40D, if you wanna get the padlock included. Basically, the lock is an aircraft grade, lightweight aluminum construction. It's very strong, there's this swerving corrosion. Now, we also would recommend if you want ultimate protection or extra protection, you can combine this coupler lock with an EZ Lock Coupler set screw lock, it'll go on the set screw right here. Again, it's sold separately. This will secure the inner tube to the outer tube, prevent anybody from disconnecting the tubes and protects your trailer from being taken. Again, we sell that separately. I wanna show you what it looks like. This is Part No. BLTL-51-40D comes with the padlock we've mentioned, but based on what you do, it'll slide that pin out, this would go over there. Slide your pin through there, put your lock through there, and it would lock over the set screw, keep anybody from loosing that set screw and moving the tubes. But again, that is sold separately also. Now, this part is made in the USA. Few specs on it. The length, it's gonna be 11 inches long. The width is gonna be six and quarter inches wide. Overall height, about four and a half inches tall. And again, the application is fits most Bulldog, Stallion, Superior, and T.E.M. Gooseneck Couplers. And the way to block is only about seven pounds. But that should do it, for the review on the Blaylock EZ Lock Gooseneck Coupler Lock.

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