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Review of Blaylock Industries Gooseneck Trailer Locks - Gooseneck Set Screw Lock - BLTL-51-40D

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Blaylock Industries Gooseneck Trailer Locks - Gooseneck Set Screw Lock - BLTL-51-40D Review

Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today I'm going to take a look at this Blaylock Easy Lock Set Screw Lock for your gooseneck coupler. How this coupler lock is designed to prevent theft of your gooseneck trailer that has an adjustable coupler. Now for this video demonstration, I have pulled the Bulldog Coupler here, just to show you what it looks like and how the lock will attach to it. Now, the lock itself will include this bracket or cover and includes this three quarter inch diameter steel pin, a spacer, a large flat washer, which I've already pre-installed onto the set screw.

And this nice stainless steel padlock with the two keys. Now this heavy duty bracket, it's an aluminum construction. It secures around your coupler set screw to prevent removal of the inner tube from the outer tube on your coupler. Basically, as I mentioned, you can see I've already taken out the set scoop and then installed the flat washer and then put the set screw back in there and tightened it down. And the reason he put that flat washer up there is if you look at the cover of the lock that goes over the set screw, you can see it has a groove cut in it, and that's designed to slide over that washer that you will install.

And you can see that will hold it in place. Keep it from being removed. Now this does include this three quarter inch diameter steel pin. And this will slide under that set skirt and lock it into place. Now it does also come with this just like that.

It does come with this plastic spacer. There are a few couplers that will require the spacer to be installed on the inside when you put the pin in there. And we just install that on the inside and then slide it through the lock on this one. You don't really need that spacer, but it is required on it for some of them. So once you get that all the way through there, and what you'll do is you'll take this stainless steel padlock to master lock, has a hardened steel shackle.

It's a three quarter inch diameter shackle. It'll go through the hole in that steel pin, and it comes with the two keys. So what you do is just open that up, open the shackle up. I'm going to come around here and line it up to the hole. That's in that pin. Once you get it lined up, then just twist it. And that shackle will go through that steel pin. And then it locks into place. You can see just like that the lock is locked onto that pin. And what that does is it keeps anybody from gaining access to that set screw. Because if you remove that set screw, then they could take the two tubes apart. But with this installed on it, there's no way they can gain access to it. As we've mentioned, this is a nice aircraft grade, lightweight aluminum construction, very strong resist wear and corrosion. It is made in the USA. Now, if you do want extra protection, we also sell a coupler lock that'll fit on the bottom here. This is to prevent unauthorized access to this latch handle right here and see this handle is used to open the coupler and lock it into place. What that coupler does, it slides on there and locks into place and it prevents this handle from being moved. So that'll also keep anybody from accessing your coupler. We do offer the coupler locks in two different part numbers, part number B L T L dash five zero dash four zero D. And the B L T L dash five five dash four zero D, both of those. Again, we sell separately on our website, A few specs on this. The lock is designed to sit most designed, to fit most set screws on most adjustable gooseneck couplers dimension of it is only about two and three quarter inches, two and three eighths inches deep by about three and one eight inches tall. And it is weighs only about one pound, but if you want to remove it, it's pretty simple. Just take your keys, put it into the padlock, twist it, and that removes the lock. And you can just slide your pin out, lift this off, and you're all ready to go simple as that, But that should do it for the review on the Blaylock, Easy Lock Set Screw Lock for your gooseneck coupler..

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