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Blue Ox Tow Bar Braking Systems - Brake Systems - BRK2016 Review

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Review of Blue Ox Tow Bar Braking Systems BRK2016

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Blue Ox Patriot II proportional portable braking system. This is an all electric proportional system that results in synchronized reliable braking for your towed vehicle. What that means is that the brake pedal in the vehicle that's being towed by the RV is going to be depressed with the same intensity or at the same time as the pedal in your RV. This… see more >     

Rick W.


My wireless remote controller for the Patriot 1 has blown the fuse where it connects to the 12v receptacle on the dash. What size fuse does the unit take. Thank you

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


I'm not sure what size fuse it takes but you should be able to remove it to see.



My Class A has a a Jake Brake that I use for most slowing. Does this unit ONLY apply brake when I press my brake pedal, or does it sense the change in inertia and apply brakes? My Jake Brake can slow my 37,000 bus from 60mph to almost stopped with some quickness, so if this is inertia-based it could result in the toad braking whenever the Jake Brake kicks into action. Thanks!

Etrailer Expert

Kef G.


A proportional system like this doesn't use inertia. It relies on the electrical hookup to receive signals from your RV's braking system. That means the brakes are only applied when pressed on in your RV.



@KefG This reply is incorrect...the braking only occurs from inertia
Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@ The Blue Ox Patriot brake proportionally. When activated, the inertia sensor will determine how quickly the tow vehicle is braking and will operate the towed vehicle's brake pedal so the towed vehicle stops at the same rate as the tow vehicle for safe, effective and predictable braking.

Ron A.


Will I regret if I purchase a Patriot II Brake System over the Patriot 3. Trying to save some money. Just purchase my RV and a car to tow.

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


The only difference between the Patriot II # BRK2016 and Patriot 3 # BRK2019 is that the Patriot 3 will actively monitor your brake pressure. Aside from that they are essentially the same thing. The Patriot II was super popular so I don't think you would regret going with that instead of the Patriot 3.

James W.


Is very good video, but do you know why when I press brake in RV it does not apply brake in tow vehicle, but if I press the manual button on unit in rv it applies the brake in car.

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


It is likely because this is a proportional braking system and the sensor is in the towed vehicle so it has to be moving to sense the braking (either soft braking or harsh braking). Since it does apply the brakes when you use the override button, the portable unit in the towed vehicle is getting signal, but if you are sitting still there is no change in momentum to trigger a braking action.