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Blue Ox Tow Bars - Coupler Style - BX4330 Review

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Review of Blue Ox Tow Bars BX4330

Today we're going to be reviewing part number BX4330. This is the Blue Ox Acclaim A-Frame Tow Bar system. The coupler-style tow bar is going to let you tow your vehicle behind your motor home. It's going to feature the integrated coupler that's going to attach to the trailer hitch ball on your RV. It is designed for a 2" hitch ball. It's also going to have the integrated or attached coupler pin.

Just dor additional security, it goes right in to that hole there. Uses a really nice trigger light system to connect and disconnect from your hitch ball. Now, this tow bar system is going to feature a self-aligning design. All you have to do is hook up to the base plates on the towed vehicle and drive your RV forward. The telescope and arms are going to extend into a rigid, tow-ready position which they already are all the way extended. Then they're automatically going to lock in place.

Now, to disengage them from this position, all you got to do is to push down the handle. It's going to allow the arms to telescope in. Then, as if it was connected to an RV, you drive forward. It's going to telescope the arms out. Until it puts them in the lock position. Now, on the end of each arm is going to be a triple-lug connection.

These are just going to be sturdy brackets on the end of each tow bar arm that's going to provide a reinforced connection to the base plates. Each arm is going to attach and detach from the base plates with 2 easy-to-access pins. One on each arms, really simple system to use. The triple-lug connection is built very well and it's going to provide a nice sturdy connection point. Now, this does offer a simple, secure storage alongside the towed vehicle. Towards the end of the video, I'll show you how to get it to a stored position.

The entire unit's made from a durable, steel construction. It has a really nice finish on it so it's going to last a long time. As well as end up really well against rust and corrosion. Now, you got some rubber boots right here, that are design to protect the telescoping arms from dirt and grind. You are going to get a set of safety cables. These safety cables are made out of air-craft grayed tight material. They got the rubber keeper here over the hook. Then the plastic lining goes around the cables to protect your tow bar system from any scuss or damage that exposed cable could cost. The unit's going to offer a capacity of 5,000 lbs. Again, it is design for a 2" hitch ball. When it comes to compatibility, this is designed to fit Blue Ox removable tab based plates that are spaced at least 23" apart. It can be adapted for use with Roadmaster base plates with the Roadmaster base plate to the Blue Ox and Denco tow bars adapter. That parts going to be sold separately with part number RM-033. You can find that right here at Now, another great feature about this system is it only weighs about 35 lbs. it's easy for one person to move around and to connect and disconnect. Now, to get it to a stored position, one of the first things that we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and remove the clip from the integrated holding pin. Then we're going to go ahead just loosen up the arms. That's going to give us some flex when it comes to lining up the triple-lug on this side with the pin, the integrated holding pin on this side. This is going to be our passenger's side arm, this is going to be our driver's side arm. To get it to a stored position, we need to disengage the driver's side leg which we already did. Then we need to rotate it over on to the passenger side leg. When we do this, you're going to see that the coupler is going to rotate 90 degrees which is perfectly normal. We're going to go ahead and remove the pin and clip from the driver's side triple-lug connection. We're going to go ahead and rotate this over. The triple-lug connections is going to come down on top of that holding pin. Just like that, then we're going to use the included clip to secure that leg on top of the passenger's side leg. Now, once we have it in this position. Our arm is not going to go anywhere. The triple-lug that's connected to the passenger's side of our vehicle is going to act as a pivot point. All that you have to do is swing the coupler head towards the driver's side attachment of the base plate. That's where this bracket's going to come and use. There's a bracket on the bottom of the coupler. We're going to attach the coupler head bracket to the base plate with a half inch pin and quick pin. Basically, we're going to use the pin that was used to secure the triple-lug connection with the base plate. Now, we're just going to use that up here at the bracket on the bottom of our coupler. That's going to attach to the same point on the base plate of the triple-lug connection attached to. Really simple, basically this is just going to rotate towards the front of our vehicle. Again, using that triple-lug passenger side connection as a pivot point. It's going to allow us to easily and safely move it to a stored position. That's going to do it for today's review of part number Bx4330. This is the Blue Ox Acclaim A-Frame Tow Bar. .

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