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Review of Brake Buddy Tow Bar Braking Systems - Brake Systems - HM39524

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Brake Buddy Tow Bar Braking Systems - Brake Systems - HM39524 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Brake Buddy Select 3 portable proportional supplemental braking system. Now, you might ask why portable Brake Buddy braking system Well, a couple reasons. It's noninvasive to the towed vehicle. There's no risk of voiding your vehicle's factory warranty. It is self-contained, requires no connection to the RV, and it's easily transferred between tow vehicles or RVs. Now, this unit will include everything shown here on the table.

It includes the Brake Buddy Select 3 unit, the quick lock clevis that'll attach to the brake pedal, the wireless remote that you can control it from inside your RV, the breakaway kit, a 15 amp charger, the dash mount connector here that'll install in your towed vehicle and the easy pull power core, which will connect the unit to your towed vehicle and even this little riser wrench that'll help you adjust these risers to get you the right height.I'm going to try to go through all these parts just to describe them for you, but basically this will give you a nice intense emergency braking or steady smooth braking in a single portable system and you can easily switch between proportional or full braking. Now, the proportional braking setting, this will apply your towed vehicle's brakes in proportion to the braking action of the RV. It responds to deceleration of the RV to activate your towed car's brake pedal with matching intensity, and if you switch it to the full brake setting, this will activate your brakes in a towed car with maximum power, no matter how you apply the brakes in the RV.Now, the full braking setting, that's ideal when you're towing a heavy truck or SUV or if you're towing your car down a steep incline. By setting the power to a higher level, you can ensure that the momentum of the towed car won't cause it to push against your RV. And the braking power settings ensure that the system applies your car's brakes with the correct pressure, eliminates over-braking and any damage it can cause.

Now, this unit or system, it's a very lightweight, portable system. There's a handle here to carry with. If you just lift up on back here, it'll let you raise that handle and then you can lift up the whole unit. The unit only weighs about 12 pounds, very lightweight.And on the bottom it'll let you easy position adjust and remove this in your vehicle. On the bottom, it has these true fit risers.

They're four legs right here. It'll help to let it sit level for optimal performance because they adjust independently. Basically, you can just loosen those and you can see, it'll come out. Gives you an adjustment range of about one and four inches. And because they're all independently adjustable, and again, if it's hard to get off ...

That one came off anyway. You can put each one, all four of them, you can put it at a different height to make it fit your application. If it is hard to unscrew these, that's why they include this riser wrench that'll fit right on there and helps you loosen them. And once you get them to the correct height, put the wrench back on them and then just snug it and tighten down.Now, it does also include this quick lock clevis right here. It's very simple to install in almost any car's brake pedal. Basically what you do is you just adjust this and set it to your brake pedal. Now when you do do your initial setup, what you want to do is pull the pin and clip and remove it from the brake pedal because then we can adjust it a lot easier for your individual brake pedal. And then after you get it individually set up for your brake pedal, it's very easy to install. Once it's all set up, it has the threads here that you can adjust it to your correct straight pedal and then all you do is move this handle and that'll clamp it down on your brake pedal, and then all you have to do is attach it to the Brake Buddy with the pin all the way through and then just put the clip on it. So, very easy to install.Now, it is a one touch auto start sequence. There's a button up here, a red button that you push, it'll say auto start. If you push that, it'll prepare your braking system with just the push of the button. Basically what you'll do is with the vehicle's engine off, push that auto start button and what it'll do is it'll run this, extend this arm about five times and what that's doing is it's removing any excess backing pressure from your car's brakes, and then it'll also go through and check your braking system for any airs. Does have a sensitivity control from one to seven. Lets you adjust the rate of responsiveness of the internal sensor in this unit. The low sensitivity requires intense stopping action from your RV to activate the brakes in the towed car, and if you set it for high sensitivity, it'll allow the Brake Buddy to respond even minimal slowing of the RV. Does also offer advanced terrain sensing ability, which will present false braking, so the system won't activate when you're going over any bumps. Does also offer this nice wireless remote control. This'll mount in your cab in your RV. Even comes with a pad that it snaps on that you can mount it with.But basically this, you can either plug it into your 12 volt accessory outlet or use it with the included battery. I put the battery in here and you can see, you can turn it on. And just like that, when you turn it on, you can do all your controls from the cab of your RV. Lets you easily check readouts for any potential problems. And again, you can change the braking modes and settings while on the go. The same settings you set on the unit here, you can do it with the remote.Now, it comes with this dash mount connector right here. This'll install in your towed vehicle. Wires into the breakaway kit and the 15 amp charger. The 15 amp charger will charge your towed car's battery while your tow . as long as it has a 12 volt connection between your coach and the towed vehicle. And with this installed in your towed vehicle, then you can use this easy pull harness, which will provide the power and the breakaway connection. So what you'll do is, this will be in your vehicle. You can just push that in there and take the other end. Has a nice push and pull, easy pull, and just line that up, plug it in there, and it'll make your connection to your 15 amp charger and your breakaway kit and gives you the power to run the unit.Now, this unit is compatible with hybrids and other cars with electric power assist brakes. The specs on this, the power draw at 12 volts is 15 amps and the dimension on this unit if we put the handle down . Again, I mentioned the weight of it is only about 12 pounds, very easy to handle. The dimension on this is about 19 inches long and 11 and three quarter inches wide and overall height of the whole unit is only about six and three quarter inches tall. Does give you a nice instruction manual that'll also go through all these pieces I just went through; how they install, how they connect, with pictures. Makes it very easy to hook everything up. But that should do it for the review on the Brake Buddy Select 3 portable proportional supplemental braking system.

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Richard O.

My Brake Buddy goes through the first 4 steps of the test but on the 5th. it locks the brake. What can I do to fix the problem?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

When you say the test are you talking about when you press the Auto Start Button 5 times?

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