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Brophy Camper Jack - Truck Bed Camper Jack - CJ74 Review

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Review of Brophy Camper Jack CJ74

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Brophy Cable Camper Jack Stand. These are gonna be two quantity, and they're gonna have a 67 total travel distance, they have a max capacity together of 3,000 lbs.Now these are gonna be a great item to help get your in-bed camper out of your truck bed, they can also be used for camper shelves, or truck toppers as well. Basically it's just gonna work so you see I've got one assembled here and the other one is gonna be disassembled, so you can see it a little bit better.But one bracket will go on one side of your camper, and then you just put the other one on the other side, and then crank it a little bit at a time to get it to the right height; if you're working by yourself you just wanna make sure that you go back and forth, so that you lift it evenly. It is always nice to have a second person to make that go a little faster, but you can do it by yourself just fine.Basically just operate it by the crank handle here . to lift it, or, if you flip the switch, that'll allow you to lower it as well. And it does have that safety switch to prevent it from just free-spooling.

You can lift that switch so whenever you're getting into place, you can adjust it as you need it, but as you're cranking it, you don't have to worry about it all just falling down or anything like that, it is gonna hold it in place nicely so you can get that cranked up and in the position that you need it.Now, it does disassemble into three pieces, so it can be more easily stored. As you see we have our bracket here, our lift bracket, we also have the stand, and this does collapse down, so one of the legs can swing out . to hold the weight of your camper, or it can swing back in to make it a little bit sleeker of a profile . as you can see like that.So it's a nice option, with the pole as well, you can just collapse that all down, put it somewhere, the pole is gonna be the longest thing of course, it's gonna be about 70 inches in total, and so you will just have to find a place in your camper, or your truck to house those things whenever you're not using it, but otherwise, you can load it up pretty easily and you're ready to go.Now that pole being so long is gonna be nice for those taller truck beds, as newer trucks nowadays, they have those higher sides, you need that extra height to get your camper in and out of your truck, so this is definitely gonna help with that, since it's gonna raise all the way up to that extended height. It does have that hand wench to let you easily raise and lower your jack, does have a plastic handle on that wench, to make it a little easier to grab so you're not just having to grab bare metal, as you can see there, it's just a nice plastic handle, sort of ergonomic shape.The cables are made of an aircraft-grade cable, and they're gonna be very strong and reliable, so you don't have to worry about those fraying or breaking over time.

And again it does have that tripod base to evenly distribute the weight of your camper and that's gonna eliminate any shifting or wobbling to the side.The bracket is gonna be L-shaped, so it's just gonna fit right up to your camper's edge there, as you can see, it's got that L-shape, and that's just gonna slide right underneath the edge of either side of your camper, to let you lift it or lower it as needed. The lift bracket and the stand are gonna be a black powder coat finish to reduce rust or corrosion. And the upright pole is galvanized again to resist corrosion as well.As far as a few measurements for this kit, the overall height when assembled altogether here is gonna be 76 inches, and the lift range is gonna be from 17 inches all the way up to 67 inches, so that's give you plenty of height to get that camper loaded or unloaded. It's also going to have that combined weight capacity of 3,000 lbs. The lift bracket itself from end-to-end, this L-portion here, that's gonna be 26 and a half inches, the upright portion, or the L-portion, that's gonna be two inches from top to bottom, and then two inches from the inside to outside.As far as the stand, from the sort of center pole opening to the outer edge on the fixed legs, that's gonna be 17 and a half inches, the diameter on all these little footplates is gonna be about five inches, and then the collapsible leg whenever you have it swung out at its furthest its gonna be about 15 inches there again from the edge of that center pole opening to the edge of the foot.The gear ratio on our wench is going to be four-to-one, so that's gonna help with lifting that camper up and down, and take a little bit of the brunt of that weight off of you.

And that's gonna do it for our look at the Brophy Cable Camper Jacks with a 67 max lift height, 3,000 combined lift capacity, and a inaudible 00:05:39 quantity of two.

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