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Review of Brophy Camper Jacks - Tall Truck Bed Camper Jack - CJ74H

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Brophy Camper Jacks - Tall Truck Bed Camper Jack - CJ74H Review

Hi there. I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this Brophy Cable Camper Jack. This is going to be a way to load and unload your truck bed camper. It does have a portable design, so it is going to save you from the unsightly electric jacks being permanently mounted onto your camper. It's going to allow you to have a nice clean look on your camper and then still have a way to take the camper off your truck.

Put it back on when you're ready for it. It does disassemble into three pieces. So we've got our tripod base there. We can pull this pole out and then our lift bracket here can be removed from the pole as well. You'll have to remove a bolt and nut here at the top and then lift that wire off the pulley system there and just lift this up and off.

So it is pretty easy to take apart transport. One of our customers did mention that it is kind of difficult to move around to get put in place properly because that pole does lift out of the base. So he recommended drilling a hole through your base and putting a bolt in there and to give it more of a permanent or a more sturdy application. So it doesn't pull out when you're trying to reposition it. So something to keep in mind there, pretty easy fix.

This does work on balance. So you are gonna need two of these. This is just a single unit so it's not gonna work on its own. You'll need at least two to get hooked up, one on each side of your camper. And it is important that you have this on a nice level surface because as your camper sitting on it, you pull away that support from your truck, you don't want it to be on a tilted surface where that tilt could cause the momentum to shift on your camper.

So very important to have two of these and on a very flat surface in order to get your camper uninstalled. The way this operates, it's going to, you're gonna have this L shaped angle bracket here. That's gonna be your lift bracket. It's gonna support the bottom and the of your camper. This is 26 and a half inches long and it's a two by two inch angle bracket. So you really only have about an inch and three quarters of an inch of support here on the bottom and up on the side there. So basically just put the lift bracket under the camper and then you'll crank the winch here to raise it or lower it, depending on what you're doing with your camper. This does have an extra tall pole. Overall height right now is about 76 and a quarter of an inch tall. So we're gonna have a overall lifting range from 17 inches off the ground up to 67 inches high. So that's gonna be plenty of room to clear even your tall bed rails on even your taller vehicles. So plenty of room there to accommodate lots of different vehicle heights and that sort of thing. To operate our hand winch. It's gonna be very, very simple. We've got our plastic handle grip here. That's gonna make it very comfortable and we just go into one direction to raise the other direction to lower. The gear ratio is a four to one. We do have an aircraft grade cable here that's gonna be strong and reliable. So we're gonna have a weight capacity of 1,500 pounds per Jack. And so obviously if you have one on each side that's gonna be a 3000 pound weight capacity. They do also have this safety latch here, which you can put into position very easily. Click that in place, and that's gonna give you a break. So if you're lowering it you're not gonna have to worry about it getting away from you. And then same with raising it. But then there's this middle position kind of the sweet spot you can get into. So if you're just trying to get it positioned properly you can get it in that position and then engage that break. We do have a nice sturdy tripod base. That's gonna give us some stability here. This is going to evenly distribute the campers weight again, as long as you're on a nice flat level surface the outside measurement The outside measurement from one extreme side of the foot plate to another outside measurement of the foot plate you're gonna be at 35 inches. Your inner opening here from the inside to the inside is about 25 inches. So that gives you an idea of how wide that base is gonna be. Should be enough room to put this right up against one of your tires on your truck. Then you can get this kind of centered on your camper. And you should have plenty of room there to keep everything nice and stable. Our foot plates are just shy of five inches. When I measure them, they we're at four and seven eights of an inch. So that's gonna be a nice wide foot plate to prevent them from sinking if you're on soft ground, sand grass, that sort of thing. And of course the base plate or the base does collapse there. So as we are putting this away into storage we can easily take up some of that room to make it easier to store. These components are gonna be very durable and corrosion resistant. Our base and our lift bracket are both powder coated with a black powder coat as you can see, so that's gonna resist rust and corrosion. Our upright pole is galvanized and so it's gonna resist corrosion as well. And it is made here in the USA. So you can trust It's made to the quality standards we've come to know and trust for products that are made here in the US. Now, I have seen some reviews that talk about this not being a whole lot of space platform to support your camper on. They talk about how the cranking is harder with these cable style jacks than more of the internal screw kind of Jack. So couple things to keep in mind there. Of course your electric jacks are gonna be the easiest be able to balance both sides, make sure they're raised at the same time, instead of going from one to the other. But of course, with all those extra features you get a higher price point. So if you're looking for a Jack system that's gonna do the job you need it to do and be very affordable. I think this is gonna be a great option for you. So that completes our look for today Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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