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Brophy Camper Tie-Downs - Front and Rear Tie-Downs - HSBP Review

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Review of Brophy Camper Tie-Downs HSBP

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Brophy clamp on camper tie-downs. Now these tie-downs provide attachment points for securing your camper to your truck bed. The wide clamps provide superior holding strength.The unit also comes with neoprene pads that are designed to protect your truck's paint. That's a peel and stick design, so it's got adhesive backing on it. And those would get applied to these T-bars right here, and that's the portion of the clamp that makes contact with the inside of the truck bed. But it does 12 of those neoprene pads, so you can place those anywhere on the clamps that make contact with the truck, to protect the finish on your truck.Now this is a strong and durable construction.

So we're looking at a steel construction, and then we're looking at zinc finishing on the main portion of the clamp, protects from rust and corrosion, and then black powder coat on the clamp plates, which also protects from rust and corrosion.Pretty easy to install and remove. It's a full clamp-on design, so there's no drilling required. You just clamp each bracket onto the bed rails of your truck. You make your adjustments with the T-bar here, it's got two bolts that hold the clamp plate in place, as well as nuts, so you just tighten everything down once you get it installed. And it comes with detailed installation instructions to walk you through the whole process step-by-step.But it comes with everything you need.

So you get your camper tie-downs, you get the clamp plates, you get the neoprene pads, you get all the necessary hardware that you need for your installation, and detailed installation instructions.The product is made in the USA. The steel on this is 3/8-inch thick steel, so it's a nice, sturdy, durable, strong design. And this set is designed to fit most full-size, non-dually pickup trucks. You just need to make sure that the external bed rail, that that width does not exceed 5 and 1/2 inches. It does require at least 2 inches of space beneath the lip of the bed rail.And keep in mind that these are not compatible with drop-in bed liners, plastic bed rails, double-walled beds, or sidestep beds.A few measurements that I just mention for you real quick, I took a height measurement from the very bottom of the bracket to the inside of this bracket right here, this L-bracket.

So from the inside top edge down to the very bottom, I got a overall height measurement of 11 and 5/16 of an inch. And then again, you have 3/8 inch steel, 3 inches wide.From the center of the bottom mounting hole, which would be this mounting hole right here, to the center of these mounting holes, got a measurement of 8 and 9/16 of an inch. And then center, on center, side to side, between these two, was 3 and 5/8 of an inch. And then the overall anchor width, measuring edge to edge right here, measures 6 inches wide.That's gonna do it for today's look at the Brophy clamp on camper tie-downs.

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