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Review of Brophy RV and Camper Steps - Truck Camper Scissor Steps - AS05

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Brophy RV and Camper Steps - Truck Camper Scissor Steps - AS05 Review

Ellen: Hey everybody, I'm Ellen here at, and we're going to be taking a quick look at the Brophy scissor camper steps. These are going to be a great way to get in and out of your RV, especially if you have one that sits taller off the ground. So something like an in bed camper, or maybe a set up that you're putting into something that just sits pretty high off the ground. I've seen some folks making a custom rig in an old moving truck, so they just need a bit taller of a step. This is a five-step design, so it does give you a pretty high entry height, and I'll go over those measurements with you in just a minute.The thing that I really like about this step is that it's super simple. There's really not that much to it, but it's very sturdy and stable, and it's also pretty lightweight.

So you don't have to worry about having to lug this super heavy thing to put in place every time. It's pretty compact and lightweight, so you can save a little bit of strain on your back. Even with an expanded like this I can still pick it up pretty easily, even hold at one handed just to show off. But that's just how light it really is. But even with it just resting on my setup here, I was kind of surprised with how sturdy it is.

It doesn't really have any wobble. My table does have wheels, so it kind of shakes there, but the steps themselves are really solid. And I was tempted to try to walk up it, both with my table being on wheels, I don't want to try. But I think that just even having it here in the studio gives me more confidence that this is going to be a really nice sturdy step going up to your camper.Customers really love it. Simple to get installed.

It comes with a bracket to do that. It's just going to go right beneath your entry. So it's just this little bracket here that is going to hook into that top piece and hold that in place. So you want to make sure that that's fully engaged before you actually do any stepping. But once you have that there, the rest of the steps should be pretty easy to use.

And it does come with the hardware to mount that in place. We'll have four inch and a half screws to go into the material. It is made out of, again, a nice, heavy gauge aluminum construction that does have the diamond tread to help give it a bit more traction. I might put a little bit of kind of that sticky grippy stuff on at least just the edges, just for a little peace of mind myself, but you don't have to. That diamond tread does give it some non-slip. It's not just going to be a completely slick surface. But that's just something to keep in mind there.As far as getting it open and closed, it's just a matter of pulling things out or just pulling out on that bottom step. It does have a tab to keep the steps closed whenever you're not using them. And you basically just kind of bend that over a bolt that's on the bottom step here on the back. So really, really easy, really straightforward. Not a lot to it as far as that goes.As far as measurements, this works for an entry height between 40 and 48 inches, and that entry height is the measurement from the ground to your threshold of your entryway. So from the ground to the bottom of the door sill, that's your entry height. So this works between that 40 and 48 range. The step size for all of these guys is 17 inches by six and a quarter. The mounting bracket measures about 18 and a quarter. 18 and a quarter by an inch and an inch. The hooks stick up about an inch and three quarters. So this does go up a little bit. You do want to give yourself about an eighth of an inch between the door and the top of these hooks to make sure that your door can pass over that without any issues. So be sure to measure twice, drill once with that bracket.As far as the drop or the rise for the steps, it's about eight inches. So that's going to be the distance from each step there. That's pretty typical for what you'd encounter in most of your steps in your house or anything like that. And the weight capacity is 250 pounds. So pretty stable. It is made in the USA. And that's really about all there is to it for our look at the Brophy camper scissor steps. They are available in other configurations as a two, three and four step design. So if you want to find those here, you can find them right here, and check out all our other camper and RV accessories. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you out there on the road.

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