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Bulldog A-Frame Trailer Coupler - Standard Coupler - BD44150W0317 Review

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Review of Bulldog A-Frame Trailer Coupler BD44150W0317

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Bulldog Heavy-Duty Cast Head Coupler. This heavy-duty coupler is ideal for utility, livestock, cargo and construction trailers. You simply attach it to your trailer. It provides a good attachment point of the hitch ball on your tow vehicle. The unit is going to feature a wedge-style latch mechanism that's very secure and easy to use. So it's got the trigger latch lever up here. You can see how that controls that wedge underneath to engage and disengage from the hitch ball. Located right here is the built-in attachment point for a round utility jack.

This is going to give us an inner diameter of 2 1/4 of an inch, and then it's got the pre-drilled attachment points for a bolt on installation of a round utility jack. Those are threaded and ready to receive new hardware, and they're going to be separated on an industry standard of about 3 inches apart from one another. And again, that's gonna have an opening of 2 1/4 inches. But that simply allows for the easy installation of a round utility jack. This coupler is designed for 50 degree A-frame trailer tongues. It's made from a durable steel construction, and it already has a primed finish on it.

It's gray in color, that way you can easily paint this to match the rest of your setup, like your trailer frame or whatever it is your vehicle. That's already been primed, that way you don't have to do priming to it to paint it the color that you want. I also want to point out that it does not come with a coupler pin. You can find a coupler pin and clip or a coupler pin and lock here at But when you lift up this latch mechanism, I want you to notice that the latch does not remain in the open position, but it does provide a set of holes there, so if you have a coupler pin, you can move the latch to the open position, install a pin, and that will keep the unit up, which opens that wedge for your hitch ball. You can also add a coupler pin to it in the down position to increase security between the connection point from the coupler to the hitch ball to the towed vehicle, making sure that this doesn't accidentally disconnect, which that trigger latch design is a nice feature. You have to press in on that to open the latch.

If you don't press in on that trigger, then this will not open. I would recommend using a coupler pin and lock, that way when you leave your trailer unattended, nobody's going to be able to get a lock off of there to connect this to their vehicle and to go off with your trailer. The pinhole diameter is 5/16 of an inch. The usable span or pin length needed, measuring edge to edge right here, you can see that's at least going to be 1 inch. I'd probably go with something a little bit larger than that, maybe 1 1/3 to 1 1/4, just to give you some room in there. This is designed for a 2 5/16 inch hitch ball. The length of the unit, measuring very back to very front, it's going to be around 18 long in overall length.

Again the hole diameter for the round utility jack is 2 1/4 inches, hardware not included, and it's going to offer a 15,000 pound capacity. That's going to do it for today's look at the Bulldog Heavy-Duty Weld-On Cast Head Coupler.

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