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Bulldog Trailer Jack BD1824180100 Review

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Review of Bulldog Accessories and Parts BD1824180100

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the Bulldog powered drive kit for the OEM two speed planetary jacks with the 12,000 pound capacity. Now this will make lifting with your Bulldog jack faster and easier. It's designed to fit the Bulldog two speed planetary gear jack with the 12,000 pound static capacity. And it works great for horse, livestock and heavy duty trailers. It is designed to be compact for tight applications. Offers quiet operation and super efficient use of electrical power and it lifts about three inches per minute at typic or working loads.Can be used for either single or tandem applications.

Does include the hex coupling for tandem jack operations and it allows years of maintenance free operation thanks to a permanently lubricated system. Comes with this custom design wiring harness and a rocker switch in this nice weather proof box. It includes the 25 amp circuit breaker with the push button reset. There's your rocker switch right there. And it can be operated manually in the event of power loss.

Does resist the elements, it's an aluminum gear box to guard against corrosion. Has a nice weather proof cover to protect the entire kit. And it does install easily with all the parts here shown on the table. Again the power drive assembly right here, and the weather proof cover, the wiring harness with the switch box, terminal box, the hex coupling and torque stop tube with the energy absorber, some hardware and a nice set of detailed instructions.Few specs on this, the motor power is 12 volts DC. Lift capacity is 7500 pounds and again the application this is for Bulldog 12,000 pound capacity two speed planetary gear jacks.

But that should do it for the review on the Bulldog power drive kit for the OEM two speed planetary jacks with the 12,000 pound capacity.

Dave F.


Is there a picture of this installed?

Chris R.


There are a couple decent customer-submitted images of the installed Bulldog # BD1824180100 on the main product page, but we haven't had a chance to install it ourselves so we don't have any "official" pics available. I also linked the full install manual below that might offer additional clarification.