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Review of Bulldog Jacks - 2-Speed 10,000 lbs Capacity Jack - BD183902

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Bulldog Jacks - 2-Speed 10,000 lbs Capacity Jack - BD183902 Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this Bulldog 2-Speed Jack. This jack features four inch wide tubing that is constructed of specially engineered alloys to provide strength and stability, so it's going to give us a lift capacity of 10,000 pounds and a static capacity of 12,000 pounds, so it will be ideal for your standard agricultural, construction, and industrial trailer applications. This does have the 2-Speed design, so it's gonna make cranking faster and easier. The sideline crank is sold separately, we have two different options available for you depending on what orientation you need that clevis in, so you can find both of those here at using those part numbers that you see on the screen there. This traditional gearbox is going to require you to push in and pull out on your crank shaft to switch the gear, so you push in for your high gear, for your ultimate speed, which is gonna provide one inch for every nine turns, so it is gonna be the fastest in its weight class, and then you pull out for the low gear, so you get the full lifting power and it's gonna provide nice, smooth, easy ratio of one inch for every 29 turns.

So when we have it fully retracted like it is now, our height is going to be right at 28 1/2 inches tall, and when we extend it up using that crank handle, it's going to be height of 41 inches, so that's gonna give us a travel of 12 1/2 inches. We do also have this drop leg though that's going to increase our overall extension for maximum adjustability. The plunger pin is here on the side. In order for me to adjust this, I am going to have to put it on the ground, so we can use my foot to lift it up. But as you can see, it is going to give us lots of adjustability there, 13 1/2 inches of extension, and we do have several different pin holes that it could slide into depending on the height that we need.

And then it is a spring return, so it's gonna spring right back up like so when we need it to, so that we can very easily get that back up in place and get on with our packing up and that sort of thing. So with that 13 1/2 inch extension of our drop leg, plus the 12 1/2 inches of travel from our gearbox here, it's gonna give us a total lift of 26 inches, so our full extended height is gonna be up at 55 inches. We are also going to have this standard foot plate on the bottom of our drop leg, so that's gonna provide a decent amount of surface area, so it's not gonna sink into your soft ground and that sort of thing. This is painted on the outer tube, the inner tube, and the drop leg, so that's gonna provide a little bit of corrosion resistance, but it does flake off pretty easily, so it should be very easy for you to grind that off, so that you can get it welded onto your trailer. So overall, if you are looking for a 2-Speed jack for your industrial, agricultural, or construction trailer, this is gonna do a great job for you.

So that completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with, thanks for watching..

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