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Bulldog A-Frame Trailer Coupler - Standard Coupler - BD44150WQ317 Review

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Review of Bulldog Trailer Coupler BD44150WQ317

Today we'll be reviewing part #BD44150WQ317. This is the Bulldog Heavy-Duty Cast Head Coupler with the wedge latch. It is designed to fit 2-5/16 inch hitch balls and it's designed to go into an A-frame trailer with a standard 50-degree trailer tongue. The heavy-duty coupler is ideal for utility, livestock, cargo and construction trailers. It has the wedge style latch that is secure and easy to use. Right here we do have a little hole.

That way we can install a coupler pin or a coupler lock and those are sold separately. When we lift it up, there's a little divot here at the top that exposes those holes. That way we can reinstall that coupler pin or coupler lock and secure the latch up in this position. So to release, we simply just lift up on the, there's a little trigger latch under here and then we can lift up on the latch. I'll flip it over so you can see the mechanism on the inside.

You'll see how that adjusts up and down so in the down position, it's going to secure the ball in place. We release it and move the latch to the up position, it's going to allow it to disengage from the hitch ball. You can see here at the back we do have the cutout for a square utility jack. It also has 3 threaded holes that's going to fit a standard bolt pattern for square trailer jacks. That square is going to measure about 2-1/4 by 2-1/4.

The overall length of our coupler is going to give us a measurement right around 18 inches and this is going to be a weld-on application so once you have this onto the trailer frame, you can just weld around the connection points. The coupler is going to give us a gross weight capacity of 15,000 pounds. So we'll go ahead and open up the trigger latch. We'll take our 2-5/16 inch ball that is sold separately, fit it in there and then we can release the latch back into a secure position. You can see that when we try to pull on the ball, it does not disengage but it does allow it to maneuver around.

That way when you need to maneuver the trailer it will easily do so without coming disengaged. Open up the latch and it easily lets go of the hitch ball allowing us to disengage from the connection. That's going to do it for today's review of part #BD44150WQ317. This is the Bulldog Heavy-Duty Cast Head Coupler for 2-5/16 inch hitch balls. .

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