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Bulldog Winch Electric Winch BDW20058 Review

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Review of Bulldog Winch Accessories and Parts BDW20058

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number BDW20058. This is the Bulldog Winch Heavy-Duty Rigging Bag. It's going to have a 100 pound capacity. The heavy-duty bag is going to be great for storing your trailer gear. Again, the 100 pound capacity pretty much says it all. It's very strong and very durable.

It's also going to feature multiple pockets for storing and organizing smaller items. Here along the outside, each pocket slot is actually two pockets. You have one that's built out of a solid material. Then you have one that's right in front of it built out of mesh. That's going to be the same on each side. Going around on the outside of the bag are going to have 10 total pockets.

As well as a D-ring right here, so you can easily clip something on there if you want to. On the inside of the bag, if you can see in here. You're going to have pockets go to all along down here at the bottom on both sides. 10 pockets on the outside, 8 pockets on the inside. Also, on the inside, you're going to have a ID tag.

That's just a slot to insert your tag. Then you're also going to have a clip, you can hook something to that, you can keep it inside of the bag. On the bottom, its got a nice solid bottom design. As well as 4 feet so it can be really set down on any type of surface and you don't have to worry about the bag being damaged. Another neat thing I like is it has a really wide mouth design. That way you can easily access the items inside your bag and you can put them back in there when you're done using them.

Double zipper design, very strong and durable as well as the carrying handles. Going to hook a loot 00:01:42 fastener, bring the carrying handles together, seal that over and then you can easily transport the bag as needed. Now, when I had it fully open, our base is going to give us an overall length of about 16 inches. Overall width is going to be about 9 inches. Then the overall height measured about 12 and a half inches. That's going to do it for today's review of part number BDW20058. This is the Bulldog Winch Heavy-Duty Rigging Bag. .