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Review of Bulldog Winch Camping and Hiking - 20 Qt Cooler - BDW80058

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Bulldog Winch Camping and Hiking - 20 Qt Cooler - BDW80058 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Bulldog Winch Sportsman's Cooler. This is going to be a nice addition to your camping trip, your hiking trip, anywhere where you might want to have a picnic or go out on your boat. A couple things that make this really nice for fishing as well. At the top of our cooler, there's a little embossed measuring portion. That helps you to know if your fish meet the minimum requirements to actually catch or if you have to release them back into the water, and also lets you know how long that filet is going to be whenever you get it cut up.This surface is kind of a textured material, so you can use it as a cutting surface. I think over time it might get a little bit marred, but overall, it should do a good job of letting you do that.

Makes it handy there. Inside, we'll have nice, thick walls to keep all of our items insulated from the hot or cold. There's a little channel in the middle there, so if you wanted to place in a divider to keep things separated, you can. It does not come with that, so you would have to pick that up separately.You'll also notice the nice oversized latches. Makes it easy to get that popped open or closed up.

Just attach with a kind of rubber strap. Has a good thickness to it, so I think this should probably last for a long time. Something I like about this is that it has little pressure release on the side, because as your cooler gets colder and you have that ice inside, sometimes it can develop a vacuum. As that air cools down, it'll compress a little bit and it'll just kind of suck the lid down and it can be hard to open. If you press that little release, that'll actually let a tiny bit of air into the cooler and then that vacuum will be released.Also on this side, we'll have our drain, so whenever we're done, we can open that up, drain out any remaining water, and clean it out as necessary.

That bottom of the cooler has a little funnel there, or kind of a little low spot for the water to actually go into. Open this up and you'll be able to see that. Down there at the bottom where you see those two little channels, that's where our drain will be.It's made of a heavy duty material to keep everything insulated. We'll also have these corner holes here, so if you wanted to place a padlock on there, you can. You'll just need to have one that has a quarter inch shackle diameter to fit through that hole, and you'll probably need one that has a pretty long shackle as well.

At least an inch and a half, if not an inch and three quarters or two inches.The handle is just a nice, solid handle with a foam grip at the top. It's made of a durable aluminum, so you know that's going to be up to the task for a long time. It snaps into place there. The other thing on this side with our drain and our release valve is a bottle opener, so we'll have a handy place to crack open a bottle of beer, enjoy our beverage.As far as dimensions with this, overall, it's 21 inches long with that handle. That's going to be the widest point out, so 21 inches from side to side there. From front to back, it's 13 and an eighth inch wide and then it stands 14 and an eighth inch tall plus five inches with that handle, so if you have the handle up, it's about 19 and an eighth inches tall.On the inside, our usable space will be 14 inches long by eight and a quarter inches wide. That's going from sort of down in there, where you can actually use that space, and then it's going to be nine and a quarter inches deep, again, going from this top edge down, since the lid actually sits along this ridge at the top. That's about how far we'll actually have to fit anything in there, and then we'll have our divider, if you wanted to halve up that space, you can.I like the look of this cooler. I think it looks really nice. It has those really thick walls, so we know that all our stuff is going to stay nice and cool or hot, if we want to put some hot things in there like casseroles, take them with us on a picnic or wherever we might be going. That's going to do it for our look at the Bulldog Winch Sportsman Cooler.



I just bought this cooler, and am looking for a divider that will fit. Can't find one anywhere!? Do you stock these, or do you know if there was one actually built? I went to the Bulldog website, and they only make them for 40QT and up.

Etrailer Expert

David B.


I checked too and yeah, you're right, they don't make a smaller one for your size cooler....Honestly though, you could get one and just cut or grind it to length. The difference between the two is like 20-30mm. # BDW80066

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