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Review of Bulldog Winch Coolers - 110 Qt Chest Cooler - BDW80061

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Bulldog Winch Coolers - 110 Qt Chest Cooler - BDW80061 Review

Ellen: Hey everybody. I'm Ellen here at and we're going to be taking a quick look at the Bulldog Winch Sportsman Cooler. This is going to be the biggest of these Sportsman Coolers from Bulldog Winch at a 110 quart capacity. Very large cooler, can hold all kinds of snacks, drinks, anything that you want to keep cold. Maybe if you're a fisherman and you want to keep your catch for the day. Hunter or anything else like that, you can really pack this guy full of a lot of stuff and keep it nice and cool for a long time.The nice thing about it is that it does have really thick interior walls, so it's going to help to insulate whatever you have in there.

Keep the ice frozen for longer. These straps that hold the lid down are a durable rubber, so it's a rubber catch that goes over and then kind of catches in that lid. Do the same thing on the other side here. We can open this up, and you can see the walls are really nice and thick. Almost about three inches thick there, so definitely going to provide great installation for keeping everything nice and cool in the interior.

There's also some little slots that you might notice here. You can put in a divider, so if you want to separate out one section from the others or have a couple different sections, you can do that. You can find a cutting board to fit in that spot available from Bulldog Winch, and it just acts as a divider, and then also as a cutting board as well.On the lid, there's a nice thick seal to keep everything air tight. Helps keep everything cool longer, and then on the side, since it does keep everything really nice and airtight, there's a little vacuum release button. It can be kind of hard to open this, especially as things cool, it wants to pull that lid in, it creates suction and a vacuum, so if you press this button, it'll let air come in and it'll make it easier to open.

On the front corners, there's a little hole that you can put a padlock through. It doesn't come with one, but you can find them here at, a lot of different options. That just helps to keep everything safe and tamper proof from anybody getting in there and stealing your stuff.Something that I also like about the lid on the top, is that this surface is kind of a textured surface to help hold its shape, but you can use this as a cutting board itself. Again, if you're going to be fishing, you can use this as a fillet station, and there's also a built-in ruler here, so you can measure your catch, make sure that it's up to standard, throw it back if it's not, or just at least see how much you have there to help see what kind of fillets you're working with. The handles on the side, make it really easy to transport.

The two handles, they're kind of a foamy grip, so pretty easy to pick that up on your own and lift.Now, this one, since it is a pretty big cooler, it weighs about 43 pounds, so that's something to keep in mind there. That's when it's empty. Whenever it's going to be full, it's going to be even heavier than that, so you want to keep that in mind, maybe get an extra set of hands to carry this around. Since it is pretty big and bulky, especially once it's full, it would probably be pretty hard to move on your own.As far as dimensions with this, the outer edge to outer edge, it'll be 31-1/8" long, 21-1/2" wide, and then 21" tall. On the interior, open this back up so you can kind of get an idea, the interior dimensions, it's 25-1/8" long by 15-3/8" wide, and then 16-3/8" tall. Now it does have a bit of a taper, so it's a little bit bigger at the top than it is at the bottom. As you get further in, those dimensions will kind of shrink a little bit, so keep in mind there, it's not perfectly square all the way around.If you want to, you can replace out these straps. They just have a little buckle at the top that holds them in place, so you can kind of fold that down and push those through, so if something ever happens or you want to just remove them, makes that pretty easy to do. There is also a drain on the right side, so you can drain out any melted ice water and keep everything clean. Again, 110 quart capacity or 27.5 gallon capacity, and that's pretty much all there is to it for our look at the Sportsman Cooler from Bulldog Winch.I hope this has been helpful in deciding if this is the right one for you. There are some other options available here at, including a 65 quart, a 40 quart, and a water cooler as well, so if you're interested, check them out. Thanks for watching.

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