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Review of Buyers Products Jumper Cables and Starters 3375601025

Speaker 1: Today, we're taking a look at the Buyer's Products booster cables with quick connects. Booster cables with the quick connectors efficiently jump your vehicle's batteries. We're looking at four gauge wiring on our cables. Now, this set is the half of the unit that installs to your vehicle with a good battery, and it connects with a positive and negative battery post with the ring terminals here on this end, and the connector routes to an easily accessible location, usually towards the front grill of the vehicle. It does come with a dust cap, so that way, when it's not in use, you can cover it up, keep dirt and grime out of connection points.It also comes with hardware to get the connectors secured, if you want to do a permanent mount installation. And then this set right here clamps onto the posts of a low battery, and connects to this set with the quick connectors.

So, you plug these in and then your connections are made, and now you're ready to jump the low or dead battery. We're looking at heavy duty insulation, which stays flexible in extreme temperatures. On this end, again, we have these ring terminals. These can be mounted to side or top post battery terminals. Does come with some hardware for situations where you need to use this hardware to make your connections to the battery post, if the hardware that's already on your battery doesn't work out, then you simply just use this, follow the instructions.

It walks you through how to get everything connected step by step.When it comes to the overall length, we're looking at 28 feet. So, 22 feet here on the booster cables, six feet here on the connections for your vehicle side, and the unit has a current rating of 600 amps. Really nice, strong clamps right here. We got the red and black grips on it, so positive and negative side is what the red and black symbolize. Red is positive, black is negative, or vehicle ground.

And the spring in there has really nice tension to it. Once it clamps onto the battery post, it's going to create a really nice tight hold. That's going to do it for today's look at the Buyer's Products booster cables with quick connects.

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