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Buyers Products Pintle Hitch - Pintle Hook - Air Compensated - 337P45AC6K Review

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Review of Buyers Products Pintle Hitch 337P45AC6K

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at a 45 ton six hole air compensated pintle hook kit with the brake chamber bracket.The 45 ton air compensated pintle hook is designed to cushion movement between the pintle hook and the tow ring so the rod right here actually would push on the back portion here and you can see that when that air activates that plunger right here, it pushes this portion out, which creates a nice tight secure set up between the hook and the ring.Now, this feature is designed to save wear and tear on the parts, especially in sudden motion or braking situations.The six hole mount on hook uses the vehicles air system to hold the drawl bar eye closely to reduce wear, absorb shock, and prevent uncoupling during operation. This makes for a more comfortable ride between the vehicle and the trailer, and this set up is ideal for heavy duty applications, such as semi trailers, both off-road and over-the-road.It's designed for drawl bar eyes that measure two and three eighths inches to three inches with inner diameter and one and five eighths inches to one and three quarter inch section.It's a nice design. We're looking a a durable steel like iron construction, and everything has that nice black powder coated finish on it, and then the other other components have steel constructional zinc coating to help it resist rusting, corrosion. It lasts a long time.Now, the mount holes in this side, these are separated on center, side to side, by I believe it's five inches. I'm gonna take a measurement of that again. Center on center, it's five inches, and then up and down, each hole is separated apart from one another by two and three eighths inches, center on center.

That's gonna be the same between each one.Now, when you're ready to open up the hook, what you need to do is take this pin right here. It's got a spring on it, and then you rotate that back, and then you can take this, flip it up, that way you can connect your eye or your ring, and then you drop that back down, push this pin in, it will rotate, and then there is a small hole right here and right here, so you could pass through a coupler lock. If you want one, you need to make sure that is has a usable span, excuse me, usable pin length of about three and one eighths inches. And then the diameter of this hole right here, measured right at three eighths of an inch, so a three eighths inch diameter pin may work in here, but I would actually go a step smaller and maybe use a five sixteenths inch diameter pin if you wanna lock that.When it comes to the system, again, we're looking at that nice durable corrosion resistant powder coat finishing, zinc coating, on some of the other steel components. Extremely strong and durable, ductile iron construction.The air chamber has the threaded rod located right here, which can be cut to length if needed.

Comes with piece that fits over that, so that way it easily works. Here at the back of the pintle hook portion. And it comes with the appropriate hardware right there for the nut, your jam nuts and everything.Spin the chamber around. You got the plug right here, which you'd remove. That's gonna allow air to go into the bracket or the chamber.Overall, nice design.

Now, when it comes to the maximum gross trailer weight, that's 90,000 pounds, and the maximum tongue or vertical load is 18,000 pounds.That's gonna do it for today's look at the 45 ton six hole air compensated pintle hook kid with the brake chamber bracket.

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