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Review of Buyers Products Pintle Hitch - Pintle Hook - Air Compensated - 337PH50AC

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Buyers Products Pintle Hitch - Pintle Hook - Air Compensated - 337PH50AC Review

Hello everybody. This is Jeff for the Today, we're gonna take a look at this Buyers Products 50 Ton Air Compensated Pintle Hook with the Air Chamber and the Plunger. Now this air compensated pintle hook will cushions movement between the pintle hook and the lunette ring by using your vehicle's air system. The air compensated pintle hook will solve the problem of a bouncing trailer that keeps hammering your truck while you're braking or taking off. So this will make for a lot more comfortable ride through using the shock absorption between the vehicle and the trailer.

The air chamber here will connect to the vehicle's air system, has a connection right in the back here that you connect it to. And this combination will help save wear and tear on the parts as well as improve stability especially in sudden motion or braking situations. And basically what you'll do is your pintle hook right up here is where your lunette ring will attached to. So what you'll do is take out your safety pin, slide it out, and you can see it's tethered so you don't lose it. And then what you'll do is just pull up on this lever at the top and then lift up on the top of the pintle hook and then pull it up and it'll hold it in the up position or open position.

And then the lunette ring that'll be on your trailer will drop right over the hook, just like that. Once that drops into place, you just push that top down. That'll hold it there. And then for safety, you run the pin back through here clip it and that'll hold that from opening. So now your lunette rings are in there.

So basically the bolt on pintle hook here will work in tandem with the vehicle's air system to hold that lunette ring eye closely, to reduce any wear, absorb any shock, and prevent uncoupling during operation. This plunger right here, let me just sort of zoom in so you get a close up, that there's a plunger, this right here is connected to this plunger and you'll see what'll happen as it's fastened to the air brake chamber. It'll activate when you engage your trailer brakes which will push up against you lunette ring that's in there and hold it in place. And so avoid any slop between the trailer and the pintle when you're braking or taking off. And then when it releases it, and then again, when you're braking or taking off, it'll attach it and hold it into place.

So this hook is ideal for heavy duty applications such as semi-trailers both off and over the road. It is made of an extremely strong ductile iron and cast steel construction. As you can see, it has a nice durable corrosion resistant black powder coat finish on it. And the specs on this, the maximum gross trailer weight capacity is 100,000 pounds or 50 tons. And the maximum tongue weight 20,000 pounds. It does come with some hardware for installation and a nice set of installation instructions. That'll describe how these all hooks up. But that should do it for the review on this Buyers Products 50 Ton Air Compensated Pintle Hook with the Air Chamber and the Plunger..

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