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CE Smith Boat Trailer Parts - Guides - CE27620 Review

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Review of CE SMIth Boat Trailer Parts CE27620

Today we're going to be taking a look in part number CE27620. These are the CE smith Post Style Guide Ons for boat trailers. Once installed, they're going to have an overall height of forty inches off the side of your trailer. The guide posts are going to provide a visual target on your trailer to help you load and unload your boat. It will extend out of the water. They are tall enough to extend out of the water.

That's going to help you center the boat while loading. It's also going to come in handy when you're backing your trailer down the boat ramp. These right here, these are going to be the galvanized steel arms that are PVC tubing. It's going to slide over. The tubing right here, the square designed, that's going to give us an inch and a half diameter. It's going to be 16 gauge, pre-galvanized steel tubes.

Theses are going to mount directly to the trailer frame and then the PVC piping is going to measure two inches in diameter, that's designed to slide over the galvanized steel arms. Very simple installation. These are going to install on the rear crossmember of the trailer frame. It's going to come with all the necessary hardware, so everything that you see here on the table is included as well. Some end caps to over the PVC tubing. You're going to get your brackets, your U-bolts and then all the necessary lock nuts and flat washers.

Everything that you need is included to get this fully installed. This will adjust out to thirteen inches from the trailer. CE Smith is going to make this product fully in the USA. It's going to come with two boat guide ons and it is designed for trailer frames up to three inches wide by four and one quarter inches tall. Now if you have a frame on the trailer that's five and a quarter inches tall, you will need some extra long U-bolt kits.

You can find those on our website with part number CE11416 and those are going to be sold separately. The post height when it's fully installed is going to be forty inches and you want to be sure to check with your state department of transportation for restrictions regarding maximum trailer width. Really simple installation process though. The arms right here have a little notch designed on them. That's going to make sure that the PVC tubing does not rotate, so I'm going to go ahead and just show you the tubing is going to slide over the galvanized steel. It's going to come down and it's got this slot in it that's going to engage the no-rotate notch, so the piping goes on the end of that galvanized steel right there and you could place an end cap on this portion here. That's really easy to get fully installed under your trailer. Another neat feature is that you can adjust this to fit the width of your boat so the installation again is very simple and easy. The posts are going to be really easy to install. Again all you got to do is slide the PVC posts over the galvanized steel support post, making sure that the slots on the post engage the no-rotate notch. This arm down here is going to be the arm that mounts to the trailer, so you would mount the post on top or below the trailer frame. It gives you that option. Your bracket is designed to go over the galvanized steel arm and then this is going to allow you to adjust it. Once you have this attached to your trailer frame with the necessary or the included U-bolts and hardware, you want to loosely install it. That way you can slide the arm in and out and you want the arm with the PVC piping on there to sit no more than one inch away from the surface in or the side part of your boat so you can adjust the posts so that the distance between each post in your boat is going to be less than one inch. Once you have that set, all you have to do is tightened down all the hardware, install the end caps on the end of the PVC tubing and then you're going to be set and ready to go and they're going to be fully functional and ready for use. That's going to do it for our review of part number CE27620. These are the CE Smith Post Style Guide Ons for boat trailers. .

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