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Review of CE Smith Boat Trailer Parts - Guides - CE27670

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CE Smith Boat Trailer Parts - Guides - CE27670 Review

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today we're taking a look at some CE Smith Pontoon Boat Guide-Ons. Now these guide-ons are designed, you'll see them on a lot of trailers, lot of different boat trailers, but these are designed specifically for pontoons, and they're to help the negative effects that we get when we load a boat trailer up. Basically if we have any kind of crosswind, or any kind of current, it's hard to keep your boat going nice and straight, and right up on the trailer where you want it.Basically we're going to mount these just inside of both of our pontoons, on the rearmost crossmember. So as our pontoon comes in, we want this to be no more than 2" from the inside on both sides, it has something to guide along. It rides right along the PVC here.

This is going to prevent any kind of damage or any kind of issues. This is nice, heavy, 2" PVC tubing. Take it off there, you can see it's really good and thick. Very dense, it's not like the cheap stuff that you see, and then has a nice cap, little vent hole there on the top to let out any moisture. That's going to protect our actual steel guide here.

This is what gives us all the strength. It's really good, and it's really durable. And these just sit down on top.We've got a bracket that comes right around this portion. This is 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" steel tubing. I'm going to set this down so it doesn't fall over.

You can see our bracket here, now this is going to work for a wide variety of trailers. The trailer can be up to 3" wide, and up to 4 1/4" inches tall. If for some reason your trailer's frame rail is a little bit bigger than that, we do have an extended bolt kit, you can extend these U bolts out and it'll go up to 5 1/4. That part number is CE11416, just keep that in mind.This is going to work with all manner of trailer, whether you've got a box channel, a C channel, I channel. Whatever type of frame that you have, they've designed this to work.

The thing I like about it is kind of how these U bolts work. You can see the one has an indention on it here. The other one's going to rest right in that, and then we make a . basically you make an X with that, and then that fits around your trailer frame. It keeps everything nice and secure. I haven't used these on a pontoon boat, but I have used these on a john boat that I take to the river quite a bit. They mount up on the side closer to the back, and it makes a world of difference. This can really turn sometimes what can be getting a boat on a trailer from a two person job into more of a one person job.They're really rugged, they've got the galvanized steel on them here. And from your mounting surface, so this is going to sit right on top of the rearmost crossmember is the ideal location for it, but from there to the top here we're looking at 22". So, these are going to come up out of the water slightly, they're going to give us a great idea of where our trailer is and allow us to get on there pretty straightforward. Now of course, depending on the winds you have and the current, it may still present a small challenge, but at least in this situation you're going to have some guides to get you up and on there, and it can alleviate a lot of the aggravation.If you notice, we do have a full disassembled kit here, and we've got our assembled kit here. Now these mount on the inside of the pontoons like we said, so we'll have this one 2" inside this pontoon. We're going to have this one no more than 2" inside our other pontoon. Gives us a great guide getting on the trailer.Overall I think this would be a really nice addition to your pontoon boat trailer. I think this will alleviate a lot of the aggravation that comes when loading up and the wind picks up, or if we're trying to do it in a river with a little bit of cross current. But outside of that, that's going to complete our look at the CE Smith Pontoon Boat Guide-Ons..

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