Review of CIPA Towing Mirrors - Door Mount Mirror Kit - CM45000-2

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CIPA Towing Mirrors - Door Mount Mirror Kit - CM45000-2 Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at the CIPA universal door mount replacement mirrors. It's for a quantity of two mirrors. Now these are door-mounted towing mirrors, which will replace your factory side view mirrors to help extend your line of sight. This allows you to safely and easily change lanes, back up, pass and park while towing a trailer. Now these are universal designed.

They do fit most full-size pickup trucks, vans, and campers, and these parts will replace the driver's side and the passenger's side mirrors. Now these are easily adjustable mirrors. They provide customizable viewing. You can see the mirror when it's installed, you can swing it in or out. Swinging it in makes it for normal driving and when fitting through tight parking spaces.

And then when you're going to tow and you want to see further out, you can just swing it out. They do also adjust up or down either way.If you noticed on the mirror, they do use a cushion rubber trim that'll outline each mirror face to reduce vibration, protect your vehicle from damage, and the glass is a flat glass, reflects the true representation of the object size. If you notice the frame on the mirrors, they are a durable stainless steel construction, prevents rust and corrosion, even on the back of the mirror itself.And these are a bolt-on installation. Some drilling may be required when installing these, and the mounting hardware is included. I'll just zoom in and show you the 10 screws and the 10 screw anchors that are used.

On each mirror there's actually five, so there's one, two, and then three, four and five, when you're installing it to the door.A few dimensions on this. I'll want to measure just the mirror face itself. So if we swing that around, let me get our tape measure. And if we go width on the mirror, you can see it's going to be right at 7-1/2 inches wide. And if we go height bottom to top, 10-/1/2 inches tall.

And then the overall length so when this is installed, swing our mirror out, if we go from the bottom to the very top, you're going to be right at about 27-1/2 inches overall height. And this does extend your vision about 16 inches, and that's measured from the edge here to where it mounts. So again, if we just take this, and if we hold it onto the outside to where the door mounts, 16 inches.And this is for a quantity of the two mirrors. But that should do it for the review on the CIPA universal door mount replacement mirrors for a quantity of two..

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