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Camco RV Wiring - Power Adapter - CAM55025 Review

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Review of Camco Motorhome Accessories CAM55025

Today were going to review part #: CAM55025. This is the Camco Powergrip RV power maximizer. What this maximizer will allow you to do is when you pull into an RV park and you might have an option of a 15 amp or a 30 amp electrical outlet and your RV has a 50 amp power cord what you can end up doing, you can plug this female end right here and thats to your RVs 50 amp power plug and then with these two ends that are divided off here you could actually, instead of getting one or the other, if you plug both these in you can get a 45 amps of combined power. This male end right here is 15 amps. This one right here, this 30 amp male end will plug into a 30 amp receptacle. If you plug both of these in at the RV park you can get a combined 45 amps going to your RV instead of having to just choose between one or the other.

As you can see on this end and on this one right here there are built in handles. What thatll allow you to do on these connectors is when you plug these in some times, when you go to unplug them theyre a little hard to pull out. With these handles right here, this Powergrip handle will allow you to pull these connections out a lot easier. As youll notice, all the connectors on here, the female and the two male ends, are yellow in color, very bright yellow. Thatll make it easy to see if youre in any low light conditions when you pull into the RV park.

That should do it for the review on part #: CAM55025, the Camco Powergrip RV power maximizer. .

Questions and Comments about this Video

Tom S.
One would expect the ampere load to divide more or less equally between the two plugs. How does the system cause the current to divide proportionally to the 30 ampere and 15 ampere circuit?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

@TomS this is what I would consider a "better than nothing" solution. A 50-amp outlet on a typical campground pedestal has two hot wires with 50 amps of service each. This Pro Grip Power Adapter has one leg with 30-amp service, and one leg with 15-amp service. The do not combine with greater amperage.

Steve S.
Does the #55025 work as a 30 to 50 adaptor also with the 15 amp end not used (plugged in) or would I still need a straight 30 to 50 adaptor also?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

The 15 amp connector won't be energized with just the 30 amp connection being used, however that does make me a little nervous to be completely honest. If there are times that you won't need the 15 amp connection then I'd pick up the part # A10-3050FHVP so that you don't have part of your connection exposed to the elements.

Brad G.
I have read mixed reviews about this causing breakers to trip and some suggest it wont work and are concerned about their electrical systems in the rv as a result. I have a 50 amp 5th and keep it at 30 amp. We would love to have a few more amps. Any ease for concern?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Heather A.

The only time we've had reviews about tripping the breakers is when the customer attempts to use the cord in a GFI style outlet. The GFI outlet will trip the breakers because it does not provide enough uninterrupted power to the cord. As long as you have a 50 amp service available on the RV side and you plug into a 15 amp and 30 amp standard electrical outlet at the RV park you will be able to send 45 amps to your 50 amp system.

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