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Camco Grills and Fire Pits - Grills - CAM57245 Review

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Review of Camco RV and Camping CAM57245

Today we're going to review Part Number CAM57245. This is the Camco RV Olympian 6500 LP Gas Stainless Steel Grill. Now this LP Gas grill will let you cook a delicious meal right outside your RV. This is perfect for any grilling enthusiast on the go. It is a high quality lightweight stainless steel construction. Uses these integrated folding legs.

Right now, I got them open. This will let you set it up on any flat surface. They fold in. You can fold these, all four of them, out of the way. When you do that, you can actually use this included mounting bracket right here. What this will allow you to do is you can mount to your RV's mounting rail using this bracket.

It does give you 316 square inches of cooking surface. Provides a full-sized grilling capability in a very small, compact grill. Has a simple control knob right over here. It gives you precise heat control. It includes this quick-connect propane gas hose which is included. There is a grease tray right in the bottom here that you can slide all the way out if you'd like.

Removes from grill for easy cleaning. Has a nice stay-cool handle right here. Won't burn your hands when you open it. Has a removable warming rack right up here at the top, and so you can just slide this right out. It is removable, or you can put it in there if you need it to keep your food warm. Has a built-in thermometer right here on the very front.

Has a push button igniter right over here to start your grill up. There's a latching lid. In other words, this lid, you can actually hook it down with these latches right on the side here. With it locked down, the grill would not open at all. Then to open it up, you just remove the latches just like that. It also has a nice removable Lift-and-Clean liner. Basically, what you can do there is, I'm going to show you, I'm going to take the warming rack out, and we'll take out the extra grill, and it has this, right in here, a Lift-and-Clean liner that can slide right out. Easy to clean. Then you can just drop it right back into place. Drops back into place. You can put your grill back together. Makes it easy to keep it clean. Go ahead and put your warming rack back in. Now I do want to give you . It gives you a nice set of directions also. Dimensions on this, the size of this is going to be 21-1/4" by 12-1/2" deep. The height with the legs out, from the bottom to the top, is 13". If you fold the legs up from the bottom of the grill to top is 9-3/4". Now I do want to show you and talk to you a little more about this mounting bracket here, that if you don't use the legs. Basically, what you would do is I'm going to rotate this just to give you a side view, but on the very bottom of the grill, there's a couple of threaded holes. What you'll notice on this mounting bracket, there's some threaded knobs right here. So, what you can actually do is a lot of the RVs will already come with a mounting rail on the side of them, and that's what this would clamp onto. If you would connect this with these two threaded bolts or knobs to the bottom of your grill just like that, you thread those in. Then what you can do is actually just hook this onto that RV mounting rail that's on your RV, and then lower this down. It has these rubber bumpers that it will brace up against your RV so you can actually hook this to the side of your RV. Now if by chance your RV does not have that mounting rail, the lot of them do, but if your doesn't, we do sell that mounting rail separate. It's Part Number CAM57268. It's the Camco RV Grill Mounting Rail. We do sell that separately on our website. It will also be listed on this product page as a related product. Turn this back around and just open it up one more time for you to show you how big it is for a small compact grill. That should do it for the review of Part Number CAM57245. The Camco RV Olympian 6500 LP Gas Stainless Steel Grill. .

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