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Classic Accessories RV Covers - Tire and Wheel Covers - CA80083 Review

Ellen.: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at And today we're taking a look at the classic accessories RV wheel covers. So these are going to keep your tires and wheels protected from the elements. While you have your RV in storage, whether this is going to be for your spare tire or the tires on your RV, while you have it stored away. It's going to keep our tire from rotting over time from the sun and wind and rain and things like that.

Anytime we're not using the tire, when it's not making contact with the road, it doesn't release the oils that keep that rubber lubricated and working properly. Whenever it's making friction with the road, it does keep that rubber alive. And so whenever it's separate on its own, it starts to crumble and rot. You can see that a lot of times with spare tires, if they're just uncovered and left open to the elements, they started to kind of crumble and rot away.That's why it's because they don't have that friction causing those oils come to the surface and keep everything nice and limber. So, our tire cover is going to keep them protected from the wind and rain and the sun, is going to be made out of a UV resistant vinyl coating has an elastic piece here to keep the tension on it.

It's going to fit several different sizes of wheels. So it goes from 24 inches up to 27 inches, and that's the outer width of our wheels. And that's going from the outer edge of the tire. And it also fits a width of eight and a half inches. Now this tire I have is a little bit smaller than, and that's about eight inches.

It still works as you can see, but there's a little bit of extra wiggle room here at the top. So that's something to keep in mind, but it fits pretty nice and snug over the rest of our wheel comes all the way down to the ground.So everything's going to be nice and protected. Now on the backside, you can see that this isn't protected, but this would be decided it's actually attached to your vehicle at the back. It does come with two covers, so I just had this one folded up and tucked back here, but if you want to get a better look at that fabric, it's just that vinyl material. So it's going to stay nice and water resistant and also again, UV resistant and all that good stuff.On the inside, if we flip this out, it's this almost cottony fleecy material, so it's going to be nice and soft.

We shouldn't have to worry about any scratches or abrasions on our vehicle, shouldn't cause any damage there. Whenever you take this off your wheel, you might have a few fuzzes on your tire, but they'll work their way out, so no problems there. Again, this is going to be the gray color, it isn't also available in white. You can typically find those here at and we also have other sizes available as well. If you need some different sizes for different sized tires, it's covered by a three-year limited warranty. And that's pretty much going to do it for our look at the classic accessories RV wheel covers. Thanks for watching.

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