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Review of Coghlans Novelty - Key Chains - CG27RR

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Coghlans Novelty - Key Chains - CG27RR Review

Hey everybody, welcome to I'm Bobby, and today we're taking a look at the Coghlan's key chain thermometer. So, you guys want a little way of going ahead and making sure that you know the temperature and what you're getting yourself into. This can be a nice little way to do it. So obviously what's great about it, It is going to be very small, so gonna be really easy to go ahead and throw in our key chain where we always have it ready. You could probably just put this on a post to inside the RV.

That way you can quickly take it out and have it out there. Not really it's not too large at all as you guys can see, and I'll break down dimensions here in just a second, but I can fit it in the palm of my hand. Really, really easy gonna sit with my keys just nicely. So of course we do have our thermometer here, that is going to be the big thing in question here. Now I am in a controlled environment actually, and it is 68 degrees as you guys can see it is indicating correctly what my temperature is.

So sitting right there right underneath that 70 is excellent. Now I will say you only have markings from 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120. And of course going down to -20 or so, now that it is in degrees Fahrenheit, so keep that in mind. One little thing I might say, if you wanna go ahead and you like this product, and you are feeling like you want it, one thing that can be two, we actually have a Coghlan's thermometer with a compass built into it as well. So that could be a good way of just going ahead and getting two tools in one.

And of course not really making it too much bigger for yourself which is nice, kinda of just sits right here where our little sticker is today, which is kinda nice. So really like that. And one thing that's really cool on the back too, you do have this wind chill chart, so that becomes really easy to go ahead, get your temperature reading. And if you guys do have a kind of, wind reading somewhere kind of ready for yourself, you can go ahead and actually get that kind of charted for yourself. Of course, always listening to your local news can be very helpful, and even see weather channels are always very excellent to pay attention to when we are camping.

But again, nice we can go ahead and adjust that for ourselves in that way, we can go ahead and be prepared. So when you get caught that cold or that heat, of course, the cold can be a bigger issue with that wind chill, but nice that I can go ahead quickly check it. And that way you can always prove my knowledge to my friends of exactly how hot or cold it is outside. But yeah, this is a nice little product guys to go ahead and make sure that we're aware of our surroundings as we are camping, but let's go ahead and give ourselves just a quick little dimension check actually before we get too ahead of ourselves. So, we are looking without the ring in question at about 2 inches for our length, and we are looking right at about an inch and a quarter for our width. So definitely not gonna be taking up too much room. Like I said, it's gonna be really easy to put in a pocket somewhere. And I don't think we're gonna have any issue with that, which is excellent. So overall guys, you're looking for a way of knowing the weather. This can be a nice way just to keep it on your key chain, always have it ready for you. Well guys, I think that about does It for our look at the Coghlan's key chain thermometer here at, I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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