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Convert-A-Ball Hitch Ball - Trailer Hitch Ball - 800B Review

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Review of Convert-A-Ball Balls 800B

Today we're going to review Part #800B, this the Convert-A-Ball interchangeable ball set. This ball set will come with a chrome, 3/4 inch diameter shank. Its comes with the two hitch balls, one is 1 7/8 inch which is marked right on top and the other is a 2 inch which is also marked on top of the hitch ball. It comes with the nut which is use as a 1 1/8 inch wrench and washer and that is used to attached the shank to your ball mount and it also comes with a cotter pin that will actually slide through after you get it tight into where you want it and the cotter pin would be installed to keep the nut from coming off. This has a 3500 lb. gross towing rate capacity.

It is corrosion and rust resistant. It does make change in out your Convert-A-Ball for another ball size very easy. What you do is just pop the integrated pin and replace the hitch ball with the other size hitch ball. This uses a none electric nickel plated technology which produces a strong protective finish. It is corrosion resistant, none magnetic and stain repellant and it does have uniform coverage over the whole area even on the inside, hard to reach areas.

They do use an eco-friendly plating method which is less harmful to the environment than the traditional chrome electroplating. This part is made in the USA. The shank will fit a ball mount with a 3/4 inch diameter ball whole so it is 3/4 inch wide diameter. The shank length is 2/4. This 3/4 inch shank does use the ball size as 1 7/8 and 2 inches.

That is not compatible with a 2 and 5 16th ball because safety regulations will not allow the larger ball to fit on 3/4 inch shank. This part does have a two year limited warranty and basically, I just want to show you how you install the ball. It has an interchangeable pin on the inside. What you do is go to the side where there's a dimple and you can use your finger to push it and then grab it. Sometimes it's hard to push it out of enough, you can use a pin to push it out that way.

The other nice thing is on this interchangeable pin if you look on the edge, we have a rubber O-ring and on the other side there's a rubber O-ring on each end so when it is pushed in, it will actually seal it so nothing gets in to the inside to corrode it or cause any problems. Basically, push this pin all the way out. It will stay attached to the ball and then your shank has the holes in it, just line the hole up, push the shank until it's all the way in and that will lock the 17/8 inch pitch ball to the shank. And if you need to change to a 2 inch, again find the sideward dimple is, just go ahead and push it, pull it all the way out, get your 2 inch, push that pin out then again line up with the holes. Just push it in and boom we have the larger 2 inch hitch ball under now, very quick and easy. This part is covered by a two year limited warranty and that should do it for Part # 800B.

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