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Convert-A-Ball Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters - Adapts Trailer - CAB-C5GX1216 Review

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Review of Convert-A-Ball Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters CAB-C5GX1216

Today we'll be reviewing part number CAB-C5GX1216. This is the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter with Offset. It can also range in heights from 12 inches to 16 inches. The 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter lets you tow your 5th wheel trailer with your gooseneck hitch. The coupler just bolts to your trailer's kingpin and connects to the gooseneck ball. This system has interior cushions that act as shock absorbers for a smoother, safer ride.

It's going to reduce bounce and vibration, and minimize wear and tear on both your trailer and your tow vehicle. The offset design provides additional clearance when making turns with short bed pickups, so it's not going to be recommended for trucks with beds shorter than 6 feet in length. The adjustable height fits multiple applications. You can see this portion here adjusts. When adjusting, you want to make sure that you can't see any of that red. Then it has the set screws here at the bottom, you just tighten those up to secure this portion in place.

The other portion that adjusts is the actual platform. It moves up and down this post down here. All you have to do is loosen up the set screws and then you can adjust that as needed for a couple more inches of adjustment. The failsafe kingpin adapter has the built in positive lock feature to secure the trailer to the hitch ball. The steel extension handle is going to let you slide the bar to lock or unlock the coupler from outside the truck bed. That's going to be this portion here.

It just gives you that extension so that way, you don't have to be in the truck bed to move it to a lock or unlock position. That just acts as a latch keeping the adapter secure. Once you have it in the position you want to, you just install the looped end or the curved end into this portion down here. It's going to secure the latch in place. You can also replace that with a padlock for greater security.

That is going to be sold separately. You can check out for some options. This is made from a durable cast steel construction with a rust resistant powder coat finish. It's also going to include the safety chains and a bolt-on kit. A bolt-on kit for the 5GX has been provided. You must bolt the C5GX to your kingpin box to prevent the adapter from being able to turn on the kingpin. It's going to offer us a towing capacity of 20,000 pounds with a pin weight capacity of 4,000 pounds. This is designed to work with 2 5/16 inch gooseneck hitch balls. The height adjustment is going to range from 12 inches to 16 inches. It's going to provide us with a 7 1/2 inch offset. Please keep in mind that this not compatible with sidewinder kingpins. When used together, they actually produce 2 pivoting points at both the ball and the turret, which is a safety hazard. The best way to determine the correct size 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter is going to be to back the vehicle under the trailer and then measure from the top of the ball in the bed to the base of the pin box on your trailer. Then this will indicate the height of the adapter that you need. It's going to come with a collar, and this collar just slides over your 5th wheel trailer's kingpin. It's held in place with the set screws that are already attached to that. Additional larger set screws that are mounted at the top of the coupler adapter, which is this portion here, then tighten onto the collar. Because the adapter is designed with an offset, the top lip of the adapter must also be bolted to the base of the pin box to ensure proper positioning. The offsite design is especially designed for use with truck beds that are between 6 feet and 8 feet in total length. The offset simply allows your trailer to sit a bit farther back than it normally would. That way, you can make turns safely and with confidence. Supplying that extra space between your trailer and truck cab is just going to create the clearance necessary to make tight turns without your trailer hitting the cab of your vehicle. Also, keep in mind that there are no recommended limits to the length of the pin box on which the Convert-A-Ball trailer couple can be used. That's going to do it for our review of part number CAB-C5GX1216. This is the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter with the Offset. .

Harry S.


Question about item? Do I have to Drill and Bolt the Mounting Flange to the 5Th Wheel Plate as I see Predrilled] Holes. I seen a Thread as you have to do this? I'll also be Purchasing the Curt Flip Gooseneck Ball for out Truck being a 2019 Dodge Crew Cab 4 X 4 with 6' 4" Short Bed. Not purchased the RV as of yet. Looking for 30' Ft with about 10,0000 in weight. You see any issues I need to be aware of? Thanks, Harry

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


Yes, some drilling is required for the Convert-A-Ball Adapter # CAB-C5GX1216 in order to bolt on the offset unit to the pin box. The full setup that you mentioned sounds good to me!

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