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Review of Counteract Tire Balancing Beads - Heavy Duty Trucks - CA37FR

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Counteract Tire Balancing Beads - Heavy Duty Trucks - CA37FR Review

Hello, everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at the Counteract single 20 ounce bag of tire balancing beads for one tire. Now, these Counteract balancing beads are the economical way to balance your tire and wheel assembly for the lifetime of the tire, and these beads do install inside the tire. When you do order it, you'll receive a 20 ounce bag of balancing beads. I'm gonna show you what you get in the bag. There's your 20 ounce bag of the balancing beads, it'll also come with the vortex valve core, the self-sealing valve cap, and the double seal flow through cap.

Now, these balancing beads, they are a coated glass spheres, these balancing beads will not cause damage to the inner liner of your tire, they won't clump regardless of excess moisture, and they are TPMS compatible. They are an environmentally friendly construction with reusable and recyclable beads. And just to let you know how this Counteract beads tire balancing works, I wanna pop up an insert here. If you look at that insert, basically, once your tire begins to roll, this bag will break and then the beads will get distributed around the interior, thanks to centrifugal force. And as the wheel continues to spin, the heavy spot in your unbalanced tire will pull up or down on the vehicle suspension, and this will cause the beads to shift in the opposite direction of that pull, so the beads will continue to migrate until there are enough of them on the opposite side of the heavy spot to balance out your tire.

Now, these tire balancing beads will continuously and automatically readjust the balance of your truck or off-road tires. They do reduce vibration, ensure even wear to increase life of the tire, and they'll even improve fuel economy. And as we mentioned, they're an easy installation, you just throw this inner bag into the tire when it's removed from the wheel or you can inject the beads through the valve stem. The beads do remain inside the tire, they won't come loose to contaminate the environment, and they will not cause any damage to the wheels. One note I do wanna mention, balancing beads are designed for use on trucks with a minimum of a half ton suspension, you do not wanna use these beads on passenger cars or SUVs.

Now, if your tire has internal TPMS sensors, you will need to break down the tire to install the beads. Again, the application for this 20 ounce bag is 20 1/2 inch heavy-duty truck tires. Now, to order the correct amount of beads needed for your application, you will get the size of the tire from the sidewall of your trailer or vehicle and match it to the tire sizes listed on the product page for that size bag of beads, we do sell these in different size bags. And in order to reduce the possibility of valve leaks, the use of this Counteract valve core we mentioned and the metal valve cap is recommended in place of your original valve core and cap, and as we said, these are included in every bag of the Counteract beads. Now, these are made in the USA, and this is for a quantity of one bag of beads for one tire.

I'm gonna ahead and drop it right back in there. But that's gonna do it for the review on the Counteract single 20 ounce bag of tire balancing beads for one tire.

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