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Curt Fifth Wheel C16515 Review

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Review of Curt Accessories and Parts C16515

Today we're going to review part number C16515. This is the CURT replacement head unit and the R16 roller adapter for the CURT E16 6th wheel trailer hitches. Has a 16,000 pound weight capacity. Now this replacement head unit will fit the CURT E16 5th wheel trailer hitches. The included adapter right down here let's you use this hitch head with the CURT R16 roller, which we do sell separately on our website. It's part number 16500. Now this head is attached to this adapter with these two pins and clips right here.

Basically you can just pop those pins and clips off each side and that will allow you to lift that head from the adapter itself. The nice feature about that is if you're wanting to remove the 5th wheel from your truck bed and there's nobody else around to help you, then you can basically just pop that off, remove the head by yourself, and then take a remaining parts off by yourself also. Now it does have an auto-locking slide bar jaw mechanism right here to help provide superior security. Basically, once the king pin slides into the hitch, this auto-locking slide bar jaw secures it into place. Then the nice unique feature on this E16 hitch is this rear steel tension bar right here. This is inside the jaw.

This will activate upon the hookup and it will clamp down on the king pin once it's installed in there. Helps provide a tighter grip that will maximize security and help eliminate some of the rattle. Now once the king pin is installed and the slide bar goes across you'd turn this handle down. Then these holes would line up on both of these brackets. That will allow you to lock it with a padlock if you need additional security. Now the padlock we do sell separately.

Also, if you look on this adapter right here on the side you'll see there is - lift this up - there's four rows of holes. Basically that will give you a four-position height adjustment for different multiple towing applications. Basically depending on where you use the included hardware here, the four bolts, lock nuts, and washers to install it to the legs. Whatever height you put it at will get you the correct height from your truck bed to the top of the hitch head for your application. Now the head on this hitch is a dual pivoting head. Basically as you can see it goes front to back.

The actual skid plate will move ten degrees laterally side-to-side for nice simple hookup. It does use Permalube pivot bushings to increase your hitch life and help reduce maintenance. Now this is an anti-rattle skid plate, provides smooth quiet ride. We do recommend you use a nylon lube plate on your king pin, which we do sell separately on our website. This will help prevent scratches on the skid plate and let's the king pen slide smoothly into your hitch during the hookup. This part is a sturdy steel construction, has a nice carbide black finish. The specs on this is it has a gross towing weight capacity of 16,000 pounds, a vertical load limit or pin weight capacity of 4,000 pounds. Just briefly here to show you how the slide bar action works, basically you would turn your handle upright position. Then when you pull out on your handle if you pull it out far enough it will lock into place. Basically this rear tension steel bar right here will hold that slide bar open. Then basically what happens, I got an example here of the king pin shape that will slide in. Once you back up and your king pin slides in or it pushes that tension bar off the slide bar, just like that you can see the slide bar goes across. Put the handle in the down position. That way it's locked. Then you can put a padlock through there if you'd like or just a pin and clip. That locks into position and that steel tension bar is keeping tension on this king pin so there's no rattle or movement of the king pin. That should do it for the review on part number C16515, the CURT replacement head unit and the R16 roller adapter for the CURT E16 5th wheel trailer hitches. .

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