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Curt Fifth Wheel C16530 Review

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Review of Curt Accessories and Parts C16530

Today we're going to review the Curt replacement head unit for the Curt Q20 5th wheel trailer hitch. This has a 20,000 lb weight capacity. Now this will replace the head unit on your Curt Q20 5th wheel trailer hitch. It does use the 2 jaw locking system right here which will provide a nice 360 degree jaw to king pin contact. Because of that it will give you less rattle, more security than your slide bar models. It does have a nice self aligning head which will pivot for a simple hook up.

This hitch head does use a unique spherical axial bearing underneath here and that allows the easy pivoting of the hitch head and it will give you a smooth 360 degree movement in all directions once you get a load on this, this will move in all types of directions. It won't just go front to back or side to side. It does offer also built in cushioning to help absorb any road shock. On the side if you'll notice, there's 3 rows of holes so when you go to attach this to the hitch legs, you pick whichever row will get you the correct height you need. It gives you a range of 4" height adjustment to get your 5th wheel as level as possible with your tow vehicle. This also has 3 lube points on it with easy access grease fittings.

There's a zerk fitting right down here, one over here, and one over here. They're easy to reach, easy to lube it and maintain it, help maintain the head. Also the nice feature they offer is a 2 pin head removal. The reason they do that is it makes it easy for one person to remove the hitch. Basically what you can do is there's 2 clips right here.

You pull these 2 clips off, pull the 2 pins out, this head will come out of the cross member that it's attached to so it makes it easy for one person to remove the hitch from the vehicle. This handle is lockable. It let's you easily secure the trailer to the hitch with this pin and clip that's included. You can also use a padlock if you like. We do sell those separately on our website. They are listed on the product page as a related project.

The hole is large enough you can put a padlock through there for extra security. The handle itself is a very short throw single handle operation. I'm going to show you that in a minute when we demonstrate the head. Another nice feature on this is the very back of the handle, it has a 3 point indicator system which is color coded and it will tell you if the hitch is ready to couple, uncouple or tow and what's nice is there's a hole here that you can see the color. The reason they do that is right here, this is where your cab would be of your tow vehicle. You can be in your tow vehicle and look out the window behind, in the back of the cab and look at the color and it will tell you what position those jaws are in in your hitch head. Right now it's showing green in there so you can see the jaws are right now deigned to be around the king pin ready to tow. When you do open that handle, slide it open, the jaws open up. It will show yellow in here which means it's ready to couple. Once you go to couple and if by chance it doesn't couple correctly, and this won't slide in, it will show red which means it's uncoupled still so you want to get that fixed before you go anywhere. Now this does come with everything showing here. It comes with this plastic lube plate which will let your king pin, you can install this on your king pin, on the pin box. It helps it glide smoothly into the hitch during hookup and then once it's locked into place, it will all give you a lube plate between the pin box and the hitch head so they don't rub up against each other. It also includes this mounting hardware. You can see the 4 bolts and the washers. That's for when you install it to the hitch legs. Those 3 rows of holes on each side, you use those bolts to attach it to the leg. Now this is constructed of sturdy steel, it has a nice thermal carbide powder coat finish on it. Again, the application on this is for Curt Q20 5th wheel trailer hitches. We have the, they come in 4 part numbers. We have them on our website, they are sold separately. That's part #C16130, #C16131, #C161536, and #C16636. Gross towing weight capacity on this is 20,000 lbs. vertical load limit or pin weight capacity is 5,000 lbs. I just want to show you quickly how the head operates. Here's an example of a king pin, what it would look like on your pin box. Again, you take your lube plate, slide that all the way up onto the king pin just like that. Then what you need to do is go ahead, we took the pin and clip off so just flip open the latch. That releases the handle and as we mentioned, it's a very short throw, you can see, just like that, real simple, the jaws pop open, ready to go. You back up and as you slide the pin box with the king pin on it, slides into the hitch head, you can see as it gets far enough in, it'll push those jaws completely and lock it into place, my handle will slide, it shows green which means you're all good, ready to tow. Just flip your lever up, take your pin and clip, slide it right in, it's locked, keeps the handle from moving, simple as that. That should do it for the review of the Curt replacement head unit for the Curt Q20 5th wheel trailer hitch. This has a 20,000 lb weight capacity.

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