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Curt Fifth Wheel C16560 Review

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Review of Curt Accessories and Parts C16560

Today, we're going to review part number C16560. This is the Curt R16 round tube slider for the Curt E16 and Q16 5th wheel trailer hitches. Now, for demonstration purposes, I have the slider mounted on to these base rails and mounting brackets just to give you an idea how they install into your truck bed. Now, the rails and the mounting brackets would be sold separately. Now, this slider is most often used on trucks with six foot and six and a half foot beds because this roller will help eliminate any clearance problems during slow speed turns. Basically, when you're towing a 5th wheel trailer, your hitch must be situated on the cab side of your trucks or axle. However, at slow speed, you can use this roller to slide that 5th wheel hitch in the trailer towards your truck's tailgate and pass that rear axle. This will create enough space between the cab of your truck in the trailer to permit less restricted turning.

Now, this is a non-binding design slider. It is a round tube design which allows for relatively uninhibited movement of your 5th wheel hitch and because your hitch can glide smoothly and easily along this inaudible 00:01:04, there's less chance of it binding. Again, this is designed to work with the Curt E16 and Q16 5th wheel trailer hitches that are rated at 16,000 pounds. It is designed for use on trucks with bed shorter than eight feet but it is not recommended for use on truck beds that are shorter than six feet. It does mount to industry standard rails made by Curt, Draw-Tite, In Hitch, Pro Series, Reese or Valley. This is constructed of a durable carbide powder coated steel. Now, it does come with the four pins and clips that are used to lock the tabs to the rails and it also comes with the four sound dampeners that are rubber sound dampener. Basically, there, you see, they have a little cut out in the middle.

What that choose for is when you drop the slider rail, the slider will have tabs on them that drop in to these openings. Before you slight drop it into the rails, you put one of these down, drop it on top of that so that it actually will have this slider sit between the rail would be this rubber sound dampener, so that will eliminate any rattle or noise. Now, the specs on this, the gross towing weight capacity is 16,000 pounds. Again, the travel is 12 inches front to back. I just want to show you how this operates. Basically, where I'm standing would be the cab of your tow vehicle and on this side would be the tailgate of the vehicle. Right now, it's locked in the towing position and it does have a color coding you can look at. This, you see the green showing right here that means green indicates it's ready to tow.

It's in the lock position. Now, your 5th wheel hitch would be mounted right here to this plates right here. Now, if you pull into your camp site and you want to maneuver your trailer around, you want to go to the maneuvering position which would move it closer it to the tailgate. What you want to do is just pull out on this handle and when you do that, just push it a little bit counter clockwise and that will move this tab right here up towards that tailgate. Basically what will happen is with your hitch right here, this will move to the tailgate and you'll notice, there's these cut outs right here, once they hit that, you'll see that that handle, that tab will lock into place. Again, you won't see any red, you'll see the green which means it's locked, ready in the maneuvering position. When you're done maneuvering and you want to go back towing, all you need to do again is pull this handle out but this time, push it a little bit clockwise which moves that tab pointing towards the cab and you'll see the red showing which means do not tow. With the red showing, you won't see any green showing.

Then, when this slide is back into the towing positions toward the cab of the tow vehicle, again there's losing slot. Once it hits those slots, that tab automatically pushes the handle locked in the position, you don't see any red over here and you do see the green over here. That means, it's locked in the tow position and ready to go. That should do it. For the review on part number C16560, the Curt R16 round tube slider that will fit the Curt E16 and Curt Q16 5th wheel trailer hitches. .

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