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Curt Wiring C58000 Review

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Review of Curt Accessories and Parts C58000

Today were going to review part number C58000. This is the Curt Easy Mount Electrical Bracket. Basically this bracket would mount on to a two inch trailer hitch receiver. Right here, it would mount around the collar on the receiver and it will allow you to attach a six or seven-way trailer connector right here. Over here on the very end, you can install a four or five flat way plug in there. This is for use on two inch hitch receivers.

It is easy to install, requires no drilling or clamps. Other nice feature on this bracket has a notch design opening here which will allow access to your pin and clip when you install this onto your hitch. Going to give you an example here, it does come with the stainless steel fasteners and nuts. Whats nice about that is the stainless steel will prevent rust and corrosion. Basically, if you take one of the long carriage bolts, put it through, well attach a nut right here on the bottom.

Then what Im going to show you, got an example here, to see how it will install onto your hitch. This would be like a normal hitch on your car. Has the collar around the opening so, basically, that one bolt you would just put around the collar, push it flush up against there, take your other long carriage bolt, slide it down through, there you go, and then take the nut put it on, tighten it down, tighten both these down and it would hold this bracket very securely onto your hitch opening. And, then as you see here, has the notched access area to where when you put like a pin and clip through your hitch, youll have access to put the clip right onto the pin. Right here youll notice has the four holes and a big large hole.

What youll want to do is if you have a seven-way connector, heres an example here of a seven-way connector. That would just install, line the holes up, take these other stainless steel bolts and nuts, put it through, put the nut on the back, tighten it down and do that to all four and that would hold your six or seven-way connector to your bracket. The very last feature is on the very end here. Youll see this sort of metal and bolts. Its like a clamp opening.

What youll want to do is if you have a four-way or five-way flat like this dangling maybe down from underneath the back of your car. You could just insert this in between that just like that, and then hold it together and then bolt this down and it would actually hold your four or five-way flat also on the bracket. Want to give you a few measurements. Let you know how long this item is. This item would be about ten inches long, and the height is about three and a quarter inches tall. That should do it for the review on part number C58000 the Curt Easy Mount Electrical Bracket.

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