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Curt Fifth Wheel - Sliding Fifth Wheel - 16516 Review

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Review of Curt Fifth Wheel 16516

Today we're going to review part number 16516. This is the Curt E16 fifth wheel trailer hitch on the Curt R16 roller. This is a slide bar jar design hitch and has a 16,000 pound weight capacity. For demonstration purposes I do have the slider and the hitch head mounted on some base rails with the mounting brackets just to show you how it looks installed in a vehicle. The rails and the mounting brackets are sold separately on our web site. This is an auto locking slide bar jaw mechanism right here. Provides superior security. Has the rear steel tension bar right here that works with the slide bar to clamp around the king pin.

Minimizes rattle and movement. Right here they do have holes on these tabs here that you can actually lock this handle if you want with a padlock. The padlock we would sell separately. This head has a 4-position height adjustment for multiple towing applications. You can set it to the correct height for your application. This dual-pivoting head goes front to back, has a 10-degree lateral movement of the skid plate for simple hook-up. Does use permalube pivot bushings to increase your hitch life and reduce maintenance. This anti-rattle skid plate right here provides smooth, quiet ride. We do recommend a nylon move plate, which we sell separately on our web site, to use on your king pin of your 5th wheel trailer.

This will help prevent scratches on the skid plate and let your king pin glide smoothly into the hitch during hook-up. This hitch is a sturdy steel construction with a carbide black finish. The slider itself, this will help eliminate clearance problems during slow speed turns with this non-binding slider. This provides 12 inches of travel from front to back. It is designed to fit truck beds between 6 foot and 8 foot in length. This will provide clearance which is required for your short bed truck to turn safely at slow speeds, prevents your trailer from hitting the cab of your truck during sharp, slow speed turns.

It does slide smoothly on these rounded non-binding rods. Again I mentioned it's designed for use on trucks on beds shorter than 8 foot, but not recommended for use on truck beds shorter than 6 foot. The base rails and installation kit I mentioned are sold separately. This will mount onto industry standard rails made by Curt, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Pro Series Reese, and Valley. On the installation kit, which is the mounting bracket that mounts to the frame of your vehicle, we do recommend to make the installation a lot easier to use a custom fit or vehicle specific bracket kit. We do list those on our web site.

If you put your year and model vehicle in, it will tell you if there's one available. If there is, we do recommend to use it. It saves you about half the installation time, mainly because the mounting brackets would have holes drilled that would use existing holes in your truck frame. The slider is constructed of a durable, carbide powder-coated steel. This part number does come with the pins and clips which are used to run through the rails. Once you drop your slider into the rail, the pins and clips would hold it into place. Also comes with 4 of these rubber sound dampeners. Basically they have slots in them. Basically what those would be used for is before you drop your slider into the opening, there's a tab on it. These would go onto that tab on each corner. Drop it into the rails. Tighten it down with your pin and clips and these will help eliminate any rattle or noise with your slider mounted to your rails. The gross towing weight capacity of this is 16,000 pounds. The vertical load weight or pin weight capacity is 4,000 pounds. Again the height can be adjusted from 15 to 17 inches. Travel is 12 inches front to back. I just want to give you a demonstration on how the hitch works and how the slider works. Right now the slide bar is closed. What you want to do when you're ready to hook up, lift your handle straight up, just pull it out. Once you pull it out enough it would lock into position. This tension bar will hold that slide bar open. Basically I have a demonstration. This is an example of a king pin that would be attached on your fifth wheel. Once that slides in, it will push up against this tension bar and that will release the slide bar. When it does that, you can see that slide bar goes across and that tension bar would still keep tension on the king pin. Just move your handle down to where these tabs line up. You can lock it or put a pin and clip through there and that handle wouldn't move. You're ready to go. One last thing I want to show you on the head before I forget. Another nice feature on this is if you're by yourself and you want to remove it from the truck bed, nobody around to help you, has these pins and clips that hold this head onto the cross member. You just pop the clip off, pull the pin out. Do the same over here. You can lift that head out separately. Lift the cross member out separately and then the slider out separately. Makes it easier for just one person around. We'll go ahead and attach this back. Slide it on. There we go. I'm going to show you, demonstrate the slider on it. Basically right now it is locked in the towing position. Towing position would be the closest to the cab. Where I'm standing would be the cab of your tow vehicle. If you notice the color coding, the green is showing. That means it's locked in the towing position. It's not moving. Over here would be red if it wasn't locked. I'll show you that. When you pull this out and you're going to go to maneuvering position, just pull out on your handle. When you pull out on your handle, just turn it a little bit counterclockwise and that will move that tab out of the way, allow it to slide and you'll see the red showing. The green is not showing so it's not locked. This would slide back to the tailgate, give you more maneuvering position. Once you hit that cutout there, it would slide in, lock it into place. The red's not showing. The green is so it's locked in maneuvering so it's moved the 12 inches away from the cab of your vehicle. When you're done maneuvering and you want to go back into the towing position, again we'll just pull this handle out and this time we'll move it clockwise which will put the tab toward the tow vehicle. The reason you do that is because then, again it's showing red, no green, so again this slides into the towing position. Once it hits those tabs, locks into position. No red. You see the green over here so you're locked and ready to tow. That should do it for the review on part number 16516, the Curt E16 fifth wheel trailer hitch on the Curt R16 roller in a 16,000 pound weight capacity. .

Questions and Comments about this Video

Leon S.
I have a fixed E16 hitch I would like to convert for my 61/2' box on my 2021 ram and need to know (keeping my existing hitch and just converting it) what kits I need. I have standard mounting installed on the truck.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

@LeonS it sounds like you have a fixed position Curt E16 hitch with a standard base, connected to a universal in-bed mounting rails like Curt # C16200. Now you want to move all of that to a different truck - a 2021 RAM. If the existing universal mounting rails do not fit your new truck, just let me know the model of truck you have, and which engine. I can then recommend matched base mounting rails. You should be able to reuse the existing nuts and bolts, but if you opt for new, make sure they are Grade-8 rated. Also, follow torque recommendations in the instructions. Next you want to swap your fixed position base for a Curt # C16560 (R16) Round Tube Slider base. I have posted a link below for this part.

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