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Curt Fifth Wheel - Fixed Fifth Wheel - C16115 Review

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Review of Curt Fifth Wheel C16115

Today we're going to review Part Number C16115. This is the Curt E16 Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch. It's a slide-bar jaw design. It has a 16,000-pound weight capacity. Now this is an entry-level hitch, so it offers several unique features. It has the auto-locking slide bar jaw mechanism that provides superior security.

It has the rear tension bar right back here behind the slide bar. This will work with that slide bar. It helps clamp around the kingpin to help minimize your rattle and any movement. It has a dual pivoting head. It has a 10-degree lateral movement for simple hook-up.

Underneath the head they do use Permalube pivot bushings to increase the hitch slide for the reduced magnets. It has an anti-rattle skid plate, provides a smooth, quiet ride. Now we do recommend a nylon lube plate. We do sell those separately on our website. They are listed on this product page as a related product. This lube plate will help prevent scratches on the skid plate.

It lets the kingpin glide smoothly into the hitch inaudible 00:00:55 cup. It has a 4-position height adjustment for multiple towing applications. When you attach your cross number to the legs, there's 4 rows of holes, so it will give you a 13 1/4 to a 17-inch heighth adjustment for a hitch height. Basically a hitch heighth is measured from the truck bed to the top of the plate here, the skid plate. When you're towing, you want your fifth wheel to be as level as possible with your truck bed. You have an adjustment range of 13 1/4 inches to 17 inches.

Now the nice thing also about this, you'll notice the pins and the clips right here. There's 2 of them. If you pull the clips and pull the pins out, you'll be able to move the head out of the cross member. You can take the cross member and the legs out. It makes it very easy for 1 person to remove this hitch from your truck bed. Now this does require the rails and the install kit which we do sell separately. What you'll need to do is go to our website, use our fit guide, put in your year and model of vehicle. It will show you the correct rails and install kit needed for your vehicle. This does install into the industry-standard rails made by Curt draw-type hidden hitch Pro Series Reese and inaudible 00:02:02. If you'll notice also on the table, that's all included. It includes the 4 pins and clips. That's used to attach these legs to the rails themselves. It also includes a nice set of detailed instructions. This hitch is a sturdy steel construction. It has a nice carbide, black finish. The specs on it, the gross stone-weight capacity, again, is 16,000 pounds. Vertical load limit or pin weight capacity is 4,000 pounds. I had mentioned the hitch heighth adjustment is a range of 13 1/4 to 17 inches. It's in 1 1/4 increments. Just to show you how this operates, I got an example of a king pin. This is what it would look like on your pin box of your fifth wheel. We're going to show you how it installs in here. Basically, what you'll need to do is just lift the handle. If you notice on the handle, there's a tab with a hole in it. Then there's a tab here. When it's down in the locked position, you can put a padlock through there if you'd like. That's sold separately. We do sell those or if you happen to have one. Once you put a padlock through that, it will permanently lock it for extra security but to open it what you want to do is flip that handle up. Then pull it all the way out. When you pull it all the way out, you can see that it will lock with that tension bar, lock into the open position. Now you're ready to back into your fifth wheel. Your kingpin which should be on your pin box will just be going into your hitch. You can see as it goes in it takes that tension bar, pushes that tension bar open, releases that slide bar and it closes right around it. Then that tension bar keeps pressure on the kingpin to minimize any rattle or movement in there. Then what you'll want to do is you'll notice . Just make sure the handle goes into the down position. Once it's in the down position, it won't be able to be open. Then you can open it to keep it locked in that position. Then to remove it again, just raise it completely up, pull it all the way and lock in the open position. As simple as that but that should do it for the review, Part Number C16115, the Curt E16 Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch with the slide bar jaw and a 16,000-pound weight capacity.

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