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Curt Gooseneck - Below the Bed - C60730 Review

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Review of Curt Gooseneck C60730

Today, we're going to take a look at the Curt Double Lock Flip and Store Underbed Gooseneck Hitch with the installation kit. It has a 30,000-lb. weight capacity. This is a custom-fit part. It is designed to fit the 2009 and newer Dodge Ram and Ram 1500 Series trucks, and it will work with either a 6-foot bed or an 8-foot bed. On a custom-fit part, what I always like to recommend is to go to our website, use our fit guide.

Put in your year and model vehicle, and it will show you if this will work for your application. For this demonstration video, I've actually installed the mounting kit to the gooseneck hitch, put it all together just to give you an idea of what it's going to look like. This is how it would look when it's under the bed of your truck. This is a heavy-duty underbed hitch, which will let you tow your gooseneck trailer. It does use a double lock system, which is nice, because it provides added security, because it uses two pins that go across to hold the bar in place instead of your normal one. Also, the nice thing is, on that locking mechanism, in other words, where the dual pins are, it is zinc-plated, so it does provide superior corrosion resistance.

If you notice, it has a nice chrome-plated hitch ball, which easily will remove when you're not towing to give you complete access to your truck bed. Basically, the ball will just flip over and store upside-down in the hitch for easy access. Just to show you how that one works, here's your handle. You just pull out your handle and twist it, and that'll hold it in the open position that pulls the pins out from the ball. You can see, you can slide the ball out. If I turn it here, you can see the two holes where the dual pins go in to hold it into place.

Flip your ball over. There's a little handle right here. Just hold it by the handle, put it back in the hole, drop it all the way down and then release your handle. When you do that, the dual pins will slide across and hold it into the stored position. What's nice is, they include a rubber cover, which will help keep the grime and the dirt out of the ball hole when it's being stored.

You just push that right in over that, and there you go. You're all ready to go. You've got full truck bed access. If you notice, it has this nice chrome ring, which surrounds the hitch ball hole. This is to provide a nice, tight low-profile look. It does have the safety chain hookups right here, you can see. They're spring-loaded. Basically, when you hook your gooseneck up, take your safety chain, put them right through there. Let it go, and it will hold them right into place. The finish, this is a nice, black powder-coat steel, which is very durable and resistant. The mounting kit, it does include all the brackets. You can see some of them I've installed here, all the hardware, and it's usually a Grade 8 hardware for installation of the gooseneck to your vehicle. When you do install this, it will require a four-inch hole to be cut into your four-inch diameter hole to be cut into your bed, so you have access to this opening, and then drill four half-inch holes for these safety chain U-bolts to come through. There is no welding required on installation. Another nice thing is, Curt offers a couple of nice accessories that can work with this. We do sell those separately on our website. The first one is called the X5 5th Wheel Adapter Base Rail Plate. It's Part #C16210. Again, we sell it separately. Basically, what's nice about that is you'll have this gooseneck mounted in your truck, but if, by chance, you come across where you have to tow a 5th wheel, that base rail plate is an adapter that will mount into this gooseneck trailer hitch to supply your above-bed base rails that you can put a 5th wheel hitch on. Basically, it's the 5th wheel rails with a post in the middle that will drop right in there, lock it into place, and then it will give you your rails in your truck bed to use a 5th wheel on. The other nice accessories they have is a four-inch offset hitch ball. It's Part #C602. Again, we sell it separately on our website. Basically, what that is, instead of the hitch ball coming straight up out of the hole, it is offset by four inches. When you install it, you put it so it gives you four inches of offset moved towards the rear of the vehicle. The reason you do that is, it will create additional space between the truck cab and the trailer. Again, both of those accessories are sold on our website separately. A few specs on this. Let me pull the ball back out. We'll pull the handle, twist it to keep it open. Grab your handle just like that, flip it over, drop it back into place. Release the dual pins. It locks into place. You're ready to tow. The ball size is your standard 2 5/16ths diameter gooseneck ball size. The gross towing weight capacity on this is 30,000 pounds, and the vertical load limit is 7,500 pounds. That should do it for the review on the Curt Double Lock Flip and Store Underbed Gooseneck Hitch with the installation kit and a 30,000-lb. weight capacity.

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